I am the river

It does not matter where or when I enter the flow, I am inseparable from the flow.
It does not matter whether I enter as a drop, a flop or as a might torrent; I am inseparable from the flow.
A drop, a flop, a mighty torrent, a minute or days gone by; I am the flow, the stream the river, and I am indistinguishable and inseparable.
I am and I am not in this drop or that bucketful.
What would the river be without me a drop?
One less drop, you’ll never know…
Once I was a drop, I may have flopped and now I am a might river inseparable from my purpose.
It does not matter when, where and how much I contribute.
It matters that I contribute and go with the flow – to be the river.

January, 26, 2010 ©

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  • NYMetro
    Ase to you my Brother. Like Oshun, be the river, be as malleable,be as ferocious... Be the River....
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