Colin Fletcher Announces the Release of His First Book Examining the Issue of Race, "I Am Not African American"
    -- Colin is proud to offer his debut work which represents his personal journey towards understanding his own identity, "I am not African American" is already available on and Kindle and will be hitting bookstores everywhere very soon.

"I am not African American" is an informative explanation outlining the plight of black Americans throughout the history of the United States. It focuses on how black Americans have been lumped together without differentiation for their unique ethnic origins. In particular, Colin clarifies who black Americans of slave origins are, presently labeled as, for lack of a better term, African Americans, and why they are different from the other blacks who immigrated to America. He examines how their unique history of persecution and oppression has resulted in all blacks, for that matter, all people of color, are frequently treated as non-Americans. But also, Colin further emphasizes what important roles many black Americans have played in the history of this great nation.

By specifically focusing on the speeches and writings of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "I am not African American" illuminates the fact that Dr. King’s dream of seeing all Americans aspire to reach the Mountaintop can never be fulfilled if we do not understand and acknowledge the long journey African Americans have taken towards making this nation a “more perfect union.” Only through their achievement will America be able to live up to its creed of “All men are created equal…”

Being a Jamaican American allows Colin to view race relations from a different perspective. He understands the necessity for unity against those who tried to oppress; however, through his own life experiences believes that we as a nation have reached a moment in our history where without proper delineation, our children will never be “judged by the content of their character.” They will continue to struggle against those who believe that America is simply a place which can only be represented by a single face.

I am not African American
Colin Fletcher

Middletown, CT, August 15, 2014 --(

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  • Europe

    African Americans and African Caribbean people went through the same journey as survivors of slavery and the descendants of those survivors.  We face the same challenges.  In the UK, we are all lumped together under the term "African Caribbean", whether we are from Africa, the Caribbean, Britain, Europe or the United States. 

  • South

    Please, leave the Negroes alone. They are confortable in the mess in which they have been forced to accept. It is a serious brain problem and only God almight can remove. Don't you see that after 400 years of enslavement, the Diaspora Africans are almost deleted from Africa. Only education set up  by us can help direct the minds.  We must organize ourselves into a force that can show that Africa is still a force to recond with and that is one way of restoring  the dimented minds of our people.  After all they are mintally working and living as human beings only they do not care for each other  and can kill even their relatives, mothers and relations with no remorse. God  bless Africans.

  • West

    This is chilling almost as dangerous as the Alan West the former congressman from florida who stated he wasn't black and that he had a skin disorder' i beleive the disorder lies in his brain. Also because people were dropped off in jamaica first does not take you away from your arfican heritage also i wonder if when the white police shoots either one  of us down will they pause and say i wonder if that guy is jamaican. I am the off sping of people who were slaves in this country i don't consider myself to be african american but my reasons are different. how can anyone call themselves african american when we still haven't received full citizenship as long as our people continue to be shot down in the streets, as long as we continue to be turned down from jobs for  showing up black , until full reparation have  been paid and only when we africans can receive equal justice in america then and only then will i consider myself to be african american.  hotep 

  • South

    Hello Sir

    I am not sure where the content of your book is headed since I have not read it!  However, from the brief explanation provided, it appear as though it is headed for furthering the confusion of Black identity rather than make it clearer. This nation will never accept Black people as a whole regardless of what ethnic group they identify with in or out of America.  The proper study of our history illuminate the fact that the Black Man and Woman are the Mothers and Fathers of civilization.   Because of that truth we need to ………….Read This!

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