Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hustler'sGuide to the Game Called LIfe

Coming Soon from Black Bird Press

Hustler’s Guide to the Game

Called Life

Volume II, the Wisdom of Plato Negro

Marvin X


Parable of Value

Parable of Plato Negro’s Republic of North American Africans

Plato Negro’s Republic and Morality

Plato Negro’s Republic, Newark: A Case Study

Parable of Leave Me ‘Lone

Parable of a Nigguh

Parable of Slow Dance on the Killing Floor

Parable of the Demons

Parable of Solutions

Parable of Da Corner

Parable of Lord Have Mercy

Parable of Jazz

Parable of Nigguh Please!

Parable of Helen Thomas

Parable of Parental Partiality

Parable of the Gaza Concentration Camp

Parable of the Wannabe Actor, Part II

Parable of Women without Men

Parable of Trinkets and Gadgets

Parable of the Man who could Write

Parable of the Man Who Talked to No One

Parable of the Man Who Fell

Parable of the Negro as Terrorist

Parable of the White Woman

Parable of the Dying White Man

Parable of the Tour

Parable of the Mike

Parable of the Reader’s Theatre

Parable of Stormy Weather

Parable of Ancestor Coretta Scott King

Parable of the Religious Haters

Parable of the Poet

Parable of the OaklandPigs

Parable of Walter Riley

Parable of Oakland’s Day of Absence

Parable of I am Oscar Grant

Parable of Oakland at the Precipice

Parable of the Angel

Parable of Living in the Last Days

Parable of the San Francisco Negro

Parable of the Death and Resurrection of a City

Parable of the Spider

Parable of July 4, 1910

Parable of a beautiful day in the Bay

Parable of a City Traumatized

Parable of Oakland Police Riot

Parable of the Father who lost two Sons

Parable of I Shot the Sheriff

Parable of the Wannabe Actor

Parable of the Letter

Parable of the Moment

Fable of the horse, cow and bull

Parable of Prayer

Parable of the Death Angel

Parable of Pain

Parable of Malcolm’s Killer

Parable of the Immigrant

Parable of Bitch Led Nigguhs

Parable of the Neo-Haitian Revolution

Parable of the Butt Kickers

Parable of the Penguin

Parable of the Catholic Church

Parable of the Poetic Victory

Parable of how to stop killing in the Pan African hood

Platonic Negro Dialogue on the Poetic Mission

Parable of Woman Stoned to Death

Parable of Bobby Seale’s 73rd Birthday

Parable of Mythology of Pussy and Dick Hits Mississippi

Parable of Mythology of Pussy and Dick Hits Howard University

Parable of Mythology of Pussy and Dick at Howard University, Final Notes

Parable of Mythology as Hottest Book in Oakland

Parable to the Common People of Oakland

Parable of a Pan African Love

Parable of Harlem’s Celebration of Amiri Baraka’s 75th

Parable of Nisa Ra on Mythology of Pussy

Parable of Plato Negro’s Great Grandfather

Parable of Fahizah Alim

Parable of You Don’t Know Me!

Black Bird Press, 2010

1222 Dwight Way

Berkeley Ca 94702

300 pages


Order now, pre-publication discount less 40%

Wisdom of Plato Negro in San Francisco Theatre Festival

Sunday, August 8, The Academy of Da Corner Reader's Theatre will perform parables from theWisdom of Plato Negro at the San Francisco Theatre Festival, YebraBuena Center, 3rd and Mission, downtown San Francisco. Performersinclude Rashidah Sabreen, music, Raynetta Rayzetta, choreography/dance,Paradise, reader, Talibah, reader, Valarie Harvey, reader,

Mechelle LaChaux, reader/singer.
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  • West
    Allison, order your copy. It is now available from Black Bird Press, 1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA 94702.
    $100.00. The first copy was purchased by Attorney Walter Riley, who was beaten by the Oakland Police during their riot.

    Also available: Pull Yo Pants Up fada Black Prez and Yoself, essays on Obama Drama, by Marvin X.
    $19.95. The first copy was purchased by a young hustler from the Bronx, NY, yesterday.

    At the Berkeley Flea Market, one brother looked at the promo and said he didn't agree with me. I didn't argue with him.

    When I gave the promo to another brother walking with his girl, he promptly pulled his pants up. And when I saw him leaving the Flea Market, he still had his pants up! Ache!
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  • South
    I do look forward to your next volume, Brother...
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