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Have you written a book or plan on writing a
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It is called, "How To Make Your Book A Bestseller
Even If You're a Marketing Novice."


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Like most authors I know, my friend Peggy
McColl dreamed of seeing her book on the
New York Times Best Seller List, the most
prestigious bestseller list in the country.

Well, on May 20, 2007, Peggy saw her dream
come true.

Her book, "Your Destiny Switch," not only hit
#13 on the New York Times Best Seller List for
hardcover advice, but also #3 on Barnes & Noble
and #2 on Amazon, just behind Harry Potter.

In less than a week, Peggy sold more books than
95% of authors sell in their lifetimes, and
surprisingly, it cost her practically nothing
to do it!

Want to discover how she did it ... and how you
can use her strategies to make your own book a


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If so, you're in luck because my friend Steve
Harrison is offering a free webinar with
Peggy where they'll be discussing her proven
formula for creating bestsellers.

Regardless of where you are in the publishing process
... whether your book is still in the idea stage ...
just published ... or even if it's been out for years ...
this is a call you won't want to miss.

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Here's just some of what you'll discover:

* Peggy's ingenious, yet simple, five-step Bestseller
Blueprint any author can use to make their
book a bestseller at almost no cost.

* How she's used the formula to make numerous books
bestsellers and how one author used her method to sell
6,828 copies for $27 each without spending a dime on
advertising (yes, that's $184,256.00 in sales!).

* Why her formula works for all types of books,
fiction or non-fiction, regardless of subject -- whether
they're self-published, POD, E-Books, newly-published or
even those that have been out for years.

* Why you need absolutely no marketing expertise or
experience to implement her Bestseller Blueprint.

* Big mistakes almost all publishers make selling
books on Amazon.

* Case histories of several authors who've hit various
bestseller lists using this approach.

* How Peggy uses blogs and social media to sell books.

* Want big-time publicity? You'll learn how becoming a
bestseller makes it much easier to get media exposure.

Again, there's no cost to participate in this webinar or
telephone seminar except your normal long distance charges.


To register for the webinar, go here:

Who knows, maybe I'll be seeing your book on the
Bestseller List very soon!



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