Ador-Talukdar_919236.jpg?width=250By Ador Talukdar  | One of the best things about using wholesale charms to make custom made jewellery is the fact that you can make so many different styles and types of jewellery with the pieces that are available. One of the most popular styles du jour is 'ethnic' jewellery. It is really easy to make your own ethnic pieces using the wholesale charms which you can pick up from reputable jewellery supplies stores.

Why use charms for 'ethnic' jewellery?

Charms are still very popular in some areas of the world, and many people in these areas believe that the charms that they wear will bring them good luck, good fortune or luck in their love life. Different charms have different meanings to different people. Even if you don't believe in the powers that these lucky charms purport to have, using them to create similar jewellery pieces can be very evocative of the area that you are trying to emulate. The way that you use the charms can show cultural awareness, and respect for different areas of the world.

Why make your own jewellery?

Much of the 'ethnic' jewellery which is available in the shops does not actually come from the area that it claims to represent, however it still costs as much as it would do if the jewellery was flown to you from the other side of the world. Why spend a lot of money on buying a piece that you only partially like, when you could make a piece of jewellery for yourself which you love completely, but which will only cost you the same amount that the individual components cost! Of course, if you do have chance to buy real pieces of ethnic jewellery straight from the source, this is a great idea, because it can help to contribute to the local economy of the region, and support the jewellery maker and their family. In these circumstances, buying authentic pieces of jewellery will also be an excellent source of inspiration for you.

What to choose for your 'ethnic' jewellery pieces

The wholesale charms which you choose for your ethnic jewellery will very much depend on the countries that you seek to evoke. For example, some of the charms which are popular in China are relatively unknown in other places. If you want to evoke Asia, you may wholesale charms which depict elephants or Hindu symbols. As well as choosing appropriate charms, you should then choose the right beads and jewellery fastenings to complement your choices. Earthy coloured wooden beads may be evocative of Africa, whilst deep, rich reds, blues and purples, teamed with silver and bronzes are reminiscent of south east Asia and India. Of course, part of the beauty of being about to create your own jewellery comes from the fact that you do not need to be bound by any constraints. This means that you can always use the charms that you have to create a 'fusion' piece which mixes different styles together into one amazing new style.

Buying wholesale charms is a great idea if you want to create new and interesting ethnic jewellery style pieces to wear.

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