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“Whether a person wants one or not, they are going to have a journey. The destinations of their journey are dependent upon the choices they make during their Journey.”

There are very few people who at some point during their life haven’t taken a fall, realized a setback or had to pick him or herself back up and move on with life.

The magnitude of each individual’s challenge is gigantic, because it is his or her personal challenge, which they are living in real time.

Realizing a major life setback and recovering isn’t easy. Some people recover and some don’t.

I’d like to share a recovery chronicle of one young man who fell far and hard, not just to the bottom of the barrel, but under the barrel.

Here is the “how he did it” story that went from acquiring several felony convictions, serving both state and federal prison sentences, filing bankruptcy and losing everything, to starting over with a menial job and going to school.

Over a period of years, he earned his private, commercial, flight instructor and Airline Transport Pilot Certificates, and served as captain on the Learjet, Israeli Westwind II and Cessna Citation.

He went on to co-found a one of the companies that built the infrastructure of the Internet in North America, serving as its Chairman, President and CEO and achieving such milestones as being twice distinguished on the Inc 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, Best in Business, Entrepreneur of the Year finalist and a host of other accolades.

This is not a "Brag Story." Rather it is written to show those who are at the bottom that recovery is possible, and to share many of the methods employed toward achieving that objective.

The 30-year recovery and extraordinary success story is compelling, inspirational, and a functional guide for people who need that support and knowledge that there is life and all of its rich rewards after a setback.

My arrangement with Amazon is that this book be offered for free five days each quarter. I wanted to make sure that this book is available to those who most need it, but can least afford it.

The future does not equal the past. No matter what your past, or what your challenge may be, you have the opportunity to achieve any of life’s rewards, if you are willing to put forth the effort.

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