Hetep,The following post, which is titled: "Have Capitalists Killed Capitalism?" was written by Michael Phillips, editor of Hot Calaloo, which focuses on Caribbean news, views, and culture:"Do you know what has lost more money by more people than the recent foreclosure housing crisis? Some people still have their homes, but virtually everyone has lost life savings in this venture. It is the stock market. Life savings invested in 401K mutual funds, regardless of how diversified have plummeted. The sad fact is that the stock market, even mutual funds, are not investments but gambling, so why should we risk, pension funds, our life savings, 401K on gambling? Gambling is for discretionary funds, not life savings. But capitalism is depending on us and institutions to continue this reckless gambling behavior.Capitalism decreed that a house is not a home but a commodity to be bought and sold to make money. So ordinary people were priced out of the housing market. Capitalists came up with phony sub-prime loans to cheat them out of their hard-earned money and have rendered legions homeless.Capitalists like Wal-Mart led the pack in sending our jobs overseas , depriving our workers of good jobs and wages. So why are we continuing to patronize Wal-Mart stores in droves?Famous capitalists, such as Madoff, Enron, Goldman-Sachs, Lehman Bros, World Com, Xerox, Tyco, Anderson, Merrill Lynch and other well-known respected companies have participated in massive frauds which have driven a stake into the heart of capitalism, the stock market. This could be just the tip of a big fraud iceberg so why should we buy any stock again? Trust is gone.We are in the position that capitalism cannot rescue capitalism. It is government that is coming to the rescue of capitalism with economic bailout. Somehow capitalism never gets blamed for these massive economic failures. It is always held up as a model that government should emulate. Private business is supposed to make a profit, but these traditional models of capitalism, such as General Motors, other car companies and airline companies have been losing millions for years. Now other pillars of capitalism, formidable banks and insurance companies, are going down the tubes too.Government on the other hand is not about making a profit, but is about providing services to its citizens. Taxes pay for these essential services. I think we should be very thankful that Government is not run like General Motors.Rush Limbaugh and his Republican buddies hope the President Obama’s economic stimulus fails. So do the enemies of America . They hope it fails means that they hope people will continue to lose their homes to foreclosure, more business will go bankrupt, people will continue to lose their jobs in record numbers and an inevitable economic depression will ensue.Let us hope that the economic stimulus can save capitalism. I think there is a slim chance and only if capitalism undergoes substantial change. The old guard capitalism apologists want things to remain the same and are trying their best to sabotage change. They are powerful and if they prevail we are doomed."my response is as follows:what the brotha needs to understand, or appears to not understand, in his commentary, is that capitalism, amerikkkan style was and is designed to fail the people of this country, for the sole purpose of the british crown regaining the united snakes as one of its old colonies, which was supposedly lost, as a result of the amerikkkan revolution. and who were the real players in this so-called amerikkkan revolution? answer: they were a bunch of scottish rite freemasons, who had disguised themselves as so-called indians, and conducted a revolutionary course of action called the boston tea party.and their supposed enemy, the british crown, on the other side of the atlantic ocean was also of the freemasonic persuasion. therefore, what led to the so-called amerikkkan revolution was simply a disagreement between two groups of members of a secret society, the same secret society that has been responsible for all the stock market crashes that have economically enslaved an unsuspecting amerikkkan public.yes, the present one, which has been disguised as an economic crisis, which has been heralded as having been built on faulty capitalistic practices, as though, they could be easily wiped out with a new presidency, projected as a vote for change the amerikkkan people can believe in, is no different than the two that preceded it.a comparative analysis proves that the same players responsible for the two that occured in 1907 and 1929 of the early twentieth century are the same ones who instigated the present so-called crisis and profitted at the same time. the leading entities were the j. p. morgan, rockefeller and goldman-sachs gangs, who are part and parsel of the international banking cartel, led by the infamous rothschild family of london's financial elite.they ran the same ole ruse, which calls for the plunging of the stock market, a financial crisis brought on by the three implemented culprits: easy credit, wild financial speculation, and constriction of money supply. these are the real reasons why (contrary to what an unsuspecting amerikkkan public is told by the corporate-controlled media) the amerikkkan brand of capitalism has spiraled downward, with the amerikkkan taxpayers footing the the midst of it all, there were over three thousand banks that went under. and one tedious study reveals that, for some reason, the morgans, rockefellers and goldman-sachs, never seem to get caught up in the economic quagmire that always hold the amerikkkan public hostage, whenever a stock market crash aka crisis occurs. and that reason is buried in the fact that the same players are part of a larger scheme, which i have already alluded to: retaking amerikkka as a colony of the british crown, which means that the sovereignty of the united snakes is longer a reality nor feasible in the plan to do so. and this plan is at least a hundred years old, stretching back to the days of cecil rhodes and the exploitation of the diamond minerals of south afrika. it was rhodes who led the way and fed the current in establishing a select crowd that could pull off the job of retaking other words, the capitalist gangs like the morgans, rockefellers and goldman-sachs, have destroyed amerikkkan capitalism, on purpose for a purpose, in order to reconstitute the united snakes as a british colony, or to install amerikkka, as part of the low profile amerikkkan union branch of the one world government, controlled and operated by members of the scottich rite version of freemasonry. hence, the answer to the question: "have capitalists killed capitalism?"one can even point out that the day of the 1907 crash, the 13th of march, has a symbolical significance to the freemasons, who orchestrated it, as the number thirteen has much meaning in the history of freemasonry. it is because of the well-orchestrated disemination of information that is projected onto an ignorant amerikkkan society that the overwhelming majority of the people of the united snakes have no idea of their well-planned economic demise, one that will usher in a updated version of the old roman slave society, where a handful of families, held together by clandestine means and ties, seek to fleece the rest of the people on the planet, as though they were lambs with fine in the present scheme of things, how do we factor in the obama phenomenon, one that has been sold to the amerikkkan public, as a new age savior for the present crisis? answer: the obama thing is nothing more than a furthering of the illusion that has been foisted, in order to keep the people at bay, to keep the people from abandoning the so-called amerikkkan dream, to keep the people believing in a yes-we-can comatose state, to prevent the people from realizing that the whole while, they've been had, in favor of the reclaiming of amerikkka by the british crown and to keep the people from understanding that tyranny goes as far as they allow it, which would lead to the overthrow of the secret cabal that operates behind the presidency, as though it is mere cosmetics for an ugly face, just like that of the character alice the goon, in the popeye's the sailor comic strips. for, the application of cosmetics has been know to make that which hasn't the beauty of cinderella appear to be so.therefore, obamaism is but the latest brand of cosmetics, carefully packaged and sold to the masses of a dumb-downed population that can't tell its ass from its own brainstem. in essence, bushism was the last go-around for the united snakes as we know it, in terms of a sovereign country. only on paper and rhetoric-wise, will obamaism appear to be for the recuperation of the amerikkkan economy, which is evident in itself. for, as obamaism appears (even hypothetically) to have taken off the runway of hope, it can never actually lift off the ground of the dark tarmac, unless it be at odds with the same out-of-sight-of-the-media entity that engineered obamaism long before obama was projected onto the amerikkkan public, as a potential presidential candidate.and this is only the iceberg's tip, as the obama phenomenon applies to people of afrikan descent, who are still slaves in various forms! it's to say that black people have almost totally been conquered, were it not for those of us, who have been reawakened and gone revolutionary, willing to die for the liberation of afrikan people, from the vile clutches of white supremacy. the tragic psychosis that has afflicted afrikan people since physical slavery (which is most certainly politically correct) seems invincible at times, even more so, especially, since the obama phenomenon emerged on the scene. only when black people will have begun to stop viewing their situation throw blinkers, can we start to see obamaism for what it really is. until then, white supremacy will continue to have its way with afrikan people.uhuru!
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