[by Andrew Smith] What is your excuse for not speaking Spanish? Since the Internet brought us Spanish radio online, you should not have any excuse. Why should you learn Spanish, you ask? Silly question: so you could go and visit wonderful countries where people speak Spanish, to listen to wonderful Latino songs, read Nobel-winning authors like Marquez. And let's not forget famous Telenovelas, Latin version of soap operas, with much more passion. 

According to the Ethnologue, in 2009 there were more than 500,000,000 people in the world who spoke Spanish as their mother tongue or as a second language. It is the third most used language in the world, after Chinese and English. It is one of the official languages of the United Nations.

If you are still not convinced that you should learn Spanish, you should know that there are 22 countries where Spanish is an official language. Imagine visiting all of them! Music, beautiful people, art, passion, food, nature...Speaking the language when visiting any Spanish speaking country would make your experience very different.

But, not everyone can afford to travel to beautiful Spanish-speaking countries. For them, there is Spanish radio online .There are literally thousands of radio stations accessible online, which you can use to listen to the melody of Spanish as it is spoken by its natives. You can listen to salsa, merengue, Latin jazz, thousands of other kinds of music, different in each country, and even in each area of the country.

There is far more than music when you listen to the Spanish radio online. There are current news – you can find out what is happening in Spanish speaking countries (you would be surprised how little North-American or European news agencies report), sports events, stories about popular characters, scandals, food recipes.

The most delightful thing about browsing Spanish radio online and picking radio stations from different countries is the different melody with which Spanish language is spoken in different countries. There are also different vocabularies, typical for each country, and words, slang or colloquialisms, that are only used in one country. It is great fun when you meet people from different Spanish-speaking countries, to compare words they use for different objects. Did you know that a good-looking man in Honduras is called 'mango'?

Learning a language by learning more about the life in the country where it is spoken makes the language much more alive. News in Slow Spanish (www.NewsInSlowSpanish.com/ ) uses that to teach Spanish, by bringing the language together with its people to you and making you a part of the culture where the language is spoken.

People who would like to learn Spanish are not the only ones enjoying Spanish radio online. There are millions of Latinos all over the world living outside of their home country, far from their culture and language. For them, Spanish radio online is like a window into their country, and it brings joy and sadness. Latinos are very romantic and attached to their country, their language and their culture, even when they live far from it, often from necessity. For them, Spanish radio online offers a chance to tap into their country's life, news and current events and make them feel part of it, even from far away.

Spanish radio online does the same for us, who are just trying to learn Spanish: it makes us feel like a part of the Spanish-speaking world, with its melody, passions, events and dramas.

News In Slow Spanish has helped many students gain self-confidence and achieve quick and lasting results. Visit the show's website www.NewsInSlowSpanish.com and see for yourself why creators of the program have chosen this motto: You know Spanish more than you think!

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