Goa is a wonderful land blended with all kinds of picturesque sites. It is the smallest state of India well popular and fame for its capturing sites like the beaches, marvelous historical buildings and various carnivals vividly prevailing in it. The tiny beauty adored resort prime tourist destination is located on the south west of the Konkan region with the best suited pleasant climate meant for leisure spending.

Top fancy tourist attractions of Goa are listed below:

Top fame picturesque beaches:
The state has earned much of its fame mainly due to its superb beach hubs. The famous beaches crowded and fan by millions are exemplified with their facilities.

Anjuna-superb rocking hub
This famous beach is well known as the freak capital of the world for its excellent entertainments of the nonstop trance of parties pulsating with rocking night club parties which are the best resort for easy goers and the party lovers. Almost every year the place is crowded with people escaping for fun and enjoyments under the reputed parties. If you wish to experience the real joy and pleasure of worldly life then opt for its trip and spend some time and be soaked with delight and satisfaction to the brim and fly on top of the world and simple drenched out the anxieties and worries of the world and relax freely in the air.

Dona Paula-lovers paradise
It is also another popular beach but quit contrasting with Anjuna beach on the basis of its quality and facilities offered. Unlike the Anjuna confused party beach, the beach is well famous for its peaceful and serene atmosphere and its perfect romantic air. The place is a mystic filled isolated site with the romantic aroma spreading with an aura of both romance and myth. It is a hunting area flooded with the legendry of the true love story where the name of the beach came to be known. So if you are seeking for thrill and excitement you can always rely on to the Goa Beaches where your dream fulfills and be drenched in various excitements and thrilling stories amidst the wonders of the picturesque captivating beautiful sites and make everlasting memories.

Marvelous Churches of Goa
The state is also well fame because of the marvelous unique churches built with excellent intricate design. They were mostly planned and constructed by the Portuguese who once upon a time rule the land. There many famous churches like the Bom Basilica in old Goa, St Francis, Mary Immaculate Conception in Panjim, Se Cathedral and many other churches are well visited by millions of tourist and get the view of the sanctifying mighty churches. We invite you to come and explore the marvels of it and eye witness the traces left behind by the Portuguese rulers and be delighted by the charming grant buildings.

If you go through the Goa Tourist Places you come across many more interesting multifaceted places like Vasco Da Gama well known for its exclusive trance of beaches, Ponda known for its renowned historical temples, Mapusa is known as the small fairy town well popular market center, and Marmagoa are some of the famous tourist attracted places. Come and explore the incredible land of Goa and be soaked in its wonders.

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