Fred Hampton, Jr. on JR, Minister of Mis-information

Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. on
JR, Former POCC Minister of

In a conversation with this writer, Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. of POCC, i.e. Prisoners of Conscience Committee, stated that JR defected from the organization last August, although he has yet claimed affiliation with the group, using the title POCC Minister of Information.

The Chairman stated that he bought a one way ticket from Chicago to the Bay Area to clarify his relationship with JR and to point out the many contradictions in the personal and political behavior of the former Minister of Information, i.e., Minister of Mis-information.

Chairman Fred noted how JR helped destroy rapper Askari X by allowing him to be exploited by rap producers who produced the rapper's albums but paid him with marijuana, after pimping him all day in the studio. Askari, one of the Bay Area's greatest rappers, has long suffered with mental problems and is presently doing time in prison.

The son of slain Chicago Black Panther leader Fred Hampton, Fred Jr. recounted several occasions when the POCC organization had to put JR in check for reactionary behavior in various cities across America and abroad, including Libya when JR reportedly had Nation of Islam representative Akhbar Muhammad bumped from a panel with Malcolm Shabazz and Cynthia McKinney.

In the Chairman's mind, JR is possibly connected with the CIA and/or FBI, a connection we have suspected since we were with JR in New York and Newark on 9/11. JR has never provided us with a copy of interviews this writer conducted and JR videoed. For ten years, he as refused to provide us a copy of the interviews with people in Newark, including Amina Baraka, wife of poet Amiri Baraka, and in Philadelphia with poet Sonia Sanchez. Why is he hiding this information, if he is indeed the minister of information?

Chairman Fred says JR has pimped Malcolm Shabazz as he tried to pimp Fred. He says he and JR were never friends but simply members in the POCC organization. After the organization had to put JR in check on several occasions, he defected a year ago this August but has duped the radical community by still using the title of POCC Minister of Information, aka, Mis-information.

Fred, Jr. was scheduled to speak at Oakland's Eastside Arts Center this week but the space was suddenly unavailable. He suspects JR conspired with the Eastside Arts organizers to cancel his appearance which would have given him the opportunity to relay his position on JR to the Bay Area radical community that has attempted to shield and defend JR from allegations of police connections, including phone records that have him in three conversations with the killers of Oakland Post Editor Chauncey Bailey while they were parked in front of his house hours before his assassination. He maintains he was Chauncey's friend, yet why would he not inform Chauncey that killers were parked outside his apartment? He was never interrogated or subpoenaed to court.

According to Chairman Fred, JR gave him misinformation to events to delay his appearance in New York, Detroit and other cities. The Chairman of POCC claims JR has provided Malcolm Shabazz, his latest prey, with women to secure his loyalty, although these women were of dubious character since they were sleeping with JR in the morning and with Shabazz at night.

Chairman Fred says he had to put JR in check after his interview with Shabazz in which he attempted to provoke the grandson of Malcolm X into saying what he would do to the recently released killer of his grandfather. We have long maintained we have an agent provocateur in our midst. Chairman Fred agreed with this opinion one hundred percent.

The young man who was in his mother's womb as she lay in bed beside his father while police bullets rained into their bedroom, says Bay Area radicals have been in denial about the San Francisco Bayview editor and KPFA radio broadcaster, JR. They have held him up as a model of a radical youth, yet he is an opportunist of the first order. He made Oscar Grant a minor character in his film on the slain BART rider, JR was the major character. During the Oscar Grant riot, JR was charged with setting a garbage can on fire. Is this a revolutionary act?

After Eastside Arts exhibited reactionary behavior by denying him a space to speak, Chairman Fred was able to hold a session at a club in West Oakland. JR was present but had nothing to say.

It could be that we are dealing with a mental patient rather than an agent provocateur, although often they can be both. We have been informed that officials in one Bay Area city has had enough of JR's antics and are making plans to put him in check. We advise JR to take a long needed vacation for his own safety, something he failed to advise his "friend" Chauncey Bailey to do.
--Marvin X
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