Former High Ranking Member of the Gangster Disciples blames the Mexican Cartel for Recent Shootings
Says youth need jobs
By Chinta Strausberg
The escalation of violence is allegedly by designed, according to Harold “Noonie G” Ward, a former high-ranking member of the Gangster Disciples, who pointed an accusatory finger at the Mexican cartel he says has taken over the drug trade in the black and brown communities of Chicago.
Referring to a September 16, 2013 Bloomberg article entitled, “Heroin Pushes on Chicago by Cartel Fueling Gang Murders,” Ward said it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how, according to a recent Fox 32 News report, Joaquin Guzman and the Sinola Cartel are allegedly responsible for the drugs that have saturated Chicago’s black and Hispanic communities and fueled gang turf wars.
 As proof, Ward pointed to the report that blames Guzman and the Sinola Cartel for allegedly being responsible for bringing heroin, cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine to Chicago to an unbelievable amount of almost $3 billion which reportedly represents 80 percent of drugs in Chicago.
“Who comes into your city, your state bringing that amount of drugs and someone high up doesn’t know about it”? asked Ward. “I know this is by design. I know this for a fact.”
“When you take away all of the high school programs, have no jobs and you still want these kids to act accordingly, what do you expect? “We as black people do not own any poppy fields. We don’t own gun-manufacturing companies. I don’t even know a black gun shop owner; yet we have all of the drugs and guns in our neighborhoods.
“Politicians use kids as pawns,” Ward said not believing recent reports that crime is down but always seeking funds to reduce the violence. “
Ward does not believe the violence is all gang related. “ A lot of that shooting is domestic violence…75 percent to the gang’s 25 percent gang violence, he alleged. “They try to mislead the people for their political and financial game. There’s a bigger picture.”
A former gang chief, Ward said, “We don’t do drive-by shootings. They do walk-by’s.” Referring to several shootings of innocent people including children in the park, Ward said, “It’s the same MO. It’s by design.”
Ward said Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Supt. Garry McCarthy could stop the violence in a heartbeat. “It’s money, big business. The Mexican cartels running all of this. From Chicago to Mexico, in one year they made $3.5 billion.  “This is about dollars and cents.”
According to the report, federal officials refer to the Eisenhower (I-290) as the “Heroin Highway” as the venue where the Mexican cartel allegedly transports 80 percent of all the drugs in this area.
Allegedly one of the most feared and powerful men in the drug trade, the Chicago Crime Commission named Guzman “Public Enemy No. 1.” The report says that most of Chicago’s violence crime comes from gangs and their attempts to control drug turfs. The report says as a result the city’s escalating murder rate the FBI has named Chicago the “murder capital of America.”
“How many shootings do you have on the North Side; yet we have the same mayor or police department,” said Ward. “Why weren’t their schools shot down yet you pop up with the announcement you’re going to build a new school in the Hispanic community? Why are so many black people being shot? You can’t tell me that isn’t racism.”
Ward believes the reason why the mayor “caved” into building a new school was because of pressure from Hispanics and the upcoming election.
Ward said it not fair to have children trying to figure out how to get to their new schools without becoming another gun statistics. “
Blaming the shootings on “renegades,” Ward criticized Senator Mark Kirk’s answer to the shooting is to arrest most of the GD’s. “They are using these kids as pawns,” Ward said.  When the smoke clears, Ward said funds earmarked for reducing violence “never gets to the hood.”
“A lot of kids go to school just to get three meals a day…. These kids are smart. They can work with their hands, but we don’t give them a chance because we label them hoodlums and thugs…,” said Ward. “They don’t want to reach them because they are playing politics….”
Again, Ward pointed to the disparity in schools saying in the black communities many buildings don’t have air-conditioning compared to schools in white neighborhoods. “It’s all about the all mighty dollar. They are wrong.”
Ward was also critical of African American leaders calling them “mis-leaders” and also took a swipe at black preachers. “We have over 50,000 black preachers in Chicago. They all should have taken to the street. That would stop a lot of this violence…”
“I am not knocking the police. I’m knocking the powers to be. You can write 15,000 tickets, have cameras all over the place, but you can’t find killers…. I don’t understand that. If they want to stop this violence, they can do so. They don’t want to find them…. God is going to show them. The scriptures are going to play out…..”
Ward said youth need jobs and that is the answer to violence.
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