"Enoch, it will effect everyone not just black people. The economy is sleeping just like in the days of Noah."

Black Home Schoolers



The constant reports of a bad economy is a optical illusion based on the premise of knowledge from the orchestrators that blacks thrive on misery loves company therefore they give us the appearance that the current economic conditions are effecting everyone in a negative downhill motion but in all truth and actuality that is not the case.


The global enterprises are still building banks, strip malls, kiosk, gas stations, technology outlets and anything else they need while perpetrating to black America that the bottom is about to fall out for us all.


It is called an economic optical illusion and all part of the game. Let me demonstrate how a economic optical illusion works: Take a sheet of paper or empty paper towel tube, roll up the paper to form a tube and then place the tube up to your eye while keeping one eye closed.


Place your other hand half way up against the tube with your palm facing you. Look through the tube while keeping one eye closed and you will see only one hole leading out of the tube because that’s how the economy really is. The economy is in a straight line of sight into the future.


However for the sake of demonstrating how they fool black people into believing that the economy has a hole in it and bordering on collapse while looking through the tube open the other eye and with both eyes open look down the tube again and it will appear to your eye that the open hand with your palm facing you has a hole in. Actually just like the economy there is no hole in your hand. It is all an optical illusion.


The American economy is doing fine it is black people that are in trouble and it is the black man in particular that is doing nothing to prevent the total and absolute economic collapse of economic black America.


The black woman is looking directly down the tube with only one eye open and she is in line with the economic of the future but she is also tied to the hip of the black man and as such she has to take the ride to economic depravation even though the hole in her hand is an economic optical illusion.


Read Undercover Smart and see it for what it is and your enemy can do you no harm when you know where they are coming from:


Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak

President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes

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