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Facebook Refuses To Answer Racist Language and Promotion of Acts Of Violence on Rev. Al Sharpton's Supporters and EVEN death threats on President Obama, despite over 200 complaints to Facebook!



This has gone far beyond the right to free speech that Facebook has ignored over 200 requests to stop allowing the use of vicious racist language, and even threats promoting acts of violence against Rev. Al Sharpton and supporters on the Facebook Page and even a death prediction on President Obama!!


I have taken some of the direct quotes off of Rev. Al Sharpton's Facebook Page and Facebook is allowing the repeated use of the "N" word, and threats of physical violence against Sharpton supporters, and you can clearly see even a post where Facebook has even allowed the (lol) suggestion that President Obama be shot or killed ! Facebook officials must be challenged to immediately block these current users with a public post that this type of vicious racial language, and actual threats of physical violence against public leaders like Rev. Sharpton and even the President of The Uniited States.




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There you have just a sample of whats on that page and Facebook must act immediately to put and end to what they have thus far allowed.

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