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Kerala is the most beautiful tourist destination in India. This beautiful state is the most sought after tourist destination in this country, which is located in the edge of the Arabian Sea. Kerala is located in the Southern tip of India and is the most traveled destination in the India. Visitors from every nook and corner of the world visit this beautiful state which is outstandingly blessed by the nature. The beautiful tourist attractions and the amazing destinations in this state are truly very worth to visit and explore. The rich heritage, unique culture, elegant art and forms and the simple lifestyle of the locals easily attract visitors and truly they lost in the history of this beautiful state.

Kerala lovingly identified as ‘Gods Own Country’ is truly blessed by the exotic charm and the enigmatic beauty of this state. The wide array of tourist attractions, beautiful and luxury accommodations and the extraordinary natural beauty will truly tempt the visitors to visit this state again and again. Kerala truly is very famous for the splendid beaches, scintillating backwaters, well organized houseboat, lush green hill stations, exotic wildlife, amazing bird sanctuary and many alike truly are sheer wonders and truly boast the importance of tourism in Kerala.

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Houseboat in kerala are the supreme attractions for the visitors of every sort. Truly the leisure vacationers, family vacationers, honeymooners and the other tourist easily get hook by the outstanding houseboats. Houseboats and backwaters are synonyms to Kerala and these are not very worth with out each other. Houseboats when dilly dally moves in the tranquil backwater it looks like an angel moving on the pristine backwater. The beautiful houseboats is truly ornamented and is decorated in such a beautiful way that it lures the visitors who is enjoying the cruise inside and also who has a glimpse of it from the bank of the backwater.

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The houseboats truly are like the mobile home for the visitors as they love and enjoy their stay. The tourist and the vacationers also lovingly called the houseboats as their moving home as the houseboat cruise in the picturesque backwater slowly and steadily. The houseboats are like luxury hotel which offer wonderful stay along the cruise. The houseboats have one to four rooms which are spacious, hygienic toilet, kitchen with a chef which also acts like a guide on your kerala houseboat cruise. The houseboats is very famous for its sundeck, it is an open air observation deck located at an elevation from where the visitors can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. The sundeck is beautiful place where the rustic charm of Kerala can be explored as you can see the lantern hanging and lighted during the dawn and the dusk.

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Truly Kerala houseboats are a home which you will never like to come out from it. The relaxation of mind, peaceful atmosphere and the pristine surroundings offer the tourist to enjoy the houseboats Kerala cruise again and again on their tour to Kerala. Honestly speaking exploring charming Kerala houseboat, its hospitality and the astounding nature truly never fails to impress any visitors from all over the globe.

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