Based on a lack of the required quorum as determined by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, the Annual Convention of the organization which convened on July 16 and July 17, 2011 in Harlem, New York was recessed to November 19 and 20, 2011. The attorney-at-law who was present to provide oversight of the Convention and Election process, as required by the Court for certification, provided advice and the directives to call a recess.

The lack of a quorum was mostly due to the economic situation facing most of our Locals that made it difficult for them to raise the funds to send delegates to Convention.   Other Locals were not functioning fully and were not able to fulfill the criteria to be credentialized. 





 Number 1

New York              

  •          Local One sent out independent Notice of Convention and billed their Executive Committee as the International Officers – and
  •          Local One representative visited the venue in Harlem to “help” secure it for Convention - and
  •          Local One Executive Committee members participated in several Convention Arrangement Committee meetings with this Executive Council –
  •          Local One’s First Vice President attended the Annual Meeting on July 4, 2011 
However, Local Number One did not send a delegate to Convention, nor make any attempt to help pay for the venue.  At the end of the first day, a Local One Executive telephoned Local One Member and International Treasurer Al Smith, and told him they would be in attendance at Convention on the second day.  No delegate showed up.

Number 2

Los  Angeles 

Despite participating in Convention Arrangement Committee meetings up to about 3 weeks prior to Convention, for the weeks leading up to Convention Local Number 2 was unable to get a quorum of members seated to select delegates and complete the Nominations for voting.

Number 5

St. Croix 

Inadequate finances

Number 7


Inadequate finances

Number 16

Seattle, WA 

Inadequate finances

Number 18

Norfolk, Virginia 

Partially functioning

Number 23


Partially functioning

Number 25

Los Angeles 

Partially functioning

Number 29

Los Angeles 

Partially functioning

Number 32

Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Delegate denied visa by the American Embassy in Jamaica 

Number 43

Kingston, Jamaica 

Inadequate finances

Number 999


Partially functioning  -




It was the consensus of those attending that the recess period should be used by the Executive Council working closely with the Locals to help the Locals get their houses in order to be credentialized for participation in the recessed Convention in November, and also, for all Locals and the Executive Council to engage in fund-raising, membership drives and more purposeful dialogue.

The Executive Council is asking each Local, member and friend of the organization to focus on the following dates to engage in fund-raising, and to make an effort to engage in some form of fundraising September and October as well.  The main focus – to finance at least one delegate from your Local to attend the recessed Convention.  Pledges of financial support from members and friends and local businesses and organizations are welcome.

            Marcus Garvey Birthday           August 17

            Constitution Day                      August 25

            Coronation Day                       November 2



 e the right to establish a Women's Auxiliary. It shall be the duty of the Women's Auxiliary to raise funds to be used for the expense of delegates to the Convention, to provide for the care, keep and comfort of international officers visiting the local on business, and for any other business which the Executive Committee shall decide.

We remind all Locals of the key role of women in the functioning of our organization – one of which is fund-raising for Convention.  This recess period must be used as an opportunity for Locals to address the role of women, and to seek and encourage participation of women at all levels.  Female members must also be proactive leaders and set about developing Locals as well.

Communication is Participation:

The Executive Council takes full responsibility for inadequate communication between the Council and our Locals.  The outgoing Council is now discussing ways to immediately begin consistent dialogue with Locals, members and prospective members towards achieving a successful Convention in order to elect a new Executive Council and to improve the entire overall effectiveness of the organization for the future.  The following immediate suggestions among others are being enacted:

  • Consistent publicity of the Wednesday night Members Conference call  605-477-3000 pin 1021665#at 9:pm EST.
  • A regular newsletter to the public and members updating on all on EWF, Inc. matters.
  • A Facebook presence for the organization.
  • Personal contact with Local membership by members of the Executive Council who will be assigned to particular Locals.


Other suggestions and resolutions will be presented moving forward.

We also sincerely seek input from Members and Locals:



By-Laws Section 9.
All members, committees, and units must submit their suggestions, recommendations, findings, and reports to the Executive Committee for its approval, before such suggestions, recommendations, findings and reports shall be presented to the general body of the local.

Just a reminder from the  Memorandum outlining criteria required by Locals to be credentialized at Convention:

In order for the organization to have a Convention of inclusion that allows the entire membership the opportunity to participate, the Headquarters must be able to identify the member locals which are constitutionally chartered, legally registered, functioning locals that are eligible to representation by delegates.  We the Board of Directors/Executive Council of the EWF, Inc. wish to advise the chartered locals to produce proof of registration and for those not legally registered the Board will direct you on how to register legally in your jurisdiction so your Local can be accredited to send delegates to the 2011 Convention in New York.  

The Executive Council wishes to be in conformity with Resolution No. 4 ratified in Convention 2003, that all Locals must be registered as a legal entity in their jurisdiction.  In this regard we are directing that all locals bring forward to Convention documentation of their status, in addition to your membership roll, Executive Committee (Officers) data and Monthly Reports if they have not yet been submitted to the Executive Council so we can fulfill Article IV Section 2 (Accreditation of Locals), and Bylaws Section 10 (Application for a Charter).   

Article IV Section 2.
Delegates to the Convention:
Each local shall be entitled to representation in Convention by delegates. There shall be one delegate for each 25 members up to one hundred, and for each additional one hundred members or part thereof, one additional delegate. One-third (1/3) of the number of duly accredited delegates to any Convention shall constitute a quorum at that Convention.  

By-Laws Section 10.
Application for Charter
. All applications for charters shall be made to the Executive Council of the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated, on prescribed Application Forms. These forms can be obtained from the Headquarters upon request.  

Locals that are not properly registered must immediately communicate with the Executive Council so that you can be provided with the proper directions and documents to facilitate your registration in your local domain as soon as possible.  To promote goodwill and comity the Headquarters will provide the necessary assistance and documentation needed in order for you to accomplish the directive so that your delegates can be accredited. 

(Also available by request is the memorandum referred to by the 2003 Convention with directives on registering a Local in your respective jurisdiction.)

Let us work together to protect our Divine Heritage by supporting the institution given to us for that purpose by His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I, The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated.




G. Eveta Morrison (Sis Gem)
International President
on behalf of the Executive Council

The Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated
P.O. Box 706
Lenox Hill Station
New York 10021

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