Being a small state of India, Goa is the most sought after tourist destination drawing the attention of tourists from within and outside of the world. Often referred as the ‘Queen of Beaches’, it is the tiniest state of India, bordered by the state of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Due to the long coast-line, it is spotted with innumerable beaches which are the major attractions of the state. Picturesque beaches, serene landscapes, amazing wildlife parks, pulsating night life and the ranges of floras and faunas are the few attractions that makes Goa a sought after tourist destination. a hippy heaven, Portuguese colony, beach delight, Goa has it all from extensive sun-kissed beaches to sixteenth century synagogues, from neo gothic houses to late night exciting nightlife parties, there is absolutely nothing that you will like to miss during visiting and exploring this tiny emerald state.

Well famous as the fun-loving state, Goa is one such state where there is no dearth of attractions and enjoyment. It reverberates with parties and carnivals throughout the year. Apart from there are so many things which gives Goa tourism an international recognition such as its exotic food, excellent hotels, colorful events and warm and friendly people.

Goa has been long known for its glorious past playing an influential role in India history. It was one of the major trade centers in India, thus it had always been attracting the influential dynasties, seafarers, merchants, traders, monks and missionaries as well. Also famous as a former Portuguese colony, this state was ruled by the Portuguese fro 450 years till it was liberated from the Portuguese to from a part of India on 19th December 1961. The land of amazing beaches, Goa is speckled with amazing forts and monuments which are still preserved there and presenting the living testimony of several colonial powers in the state. Apart from Portuguese it has been ruled by many other rulers Silharas, Kadamdas, Chaukyans, Kings of Deccan, Kings of Vijaynagar and many more. Se Cathedral Church, Church of St.Francis of Assisi, Church of Our Lady of the Rosary and etc are the few must seen monuments of Goa.


Though, there is not any dearth of attractions and destinations in Goa but in actual its life resides in its beaches which are categorized into two major forms, north-region beaches and south-region beaches. In comparatively to south-region beaches, north-region beaches are much ventured and advanced, but if you are visiting with your partner and looking for bit isolation then south-region beaches would be perfect to get in. Goa Beachesare amazingly beautiful and also an idyllic way to celebrate the beauty of this tropical paradise. Be here and filled your lungs with crispy air, relax under the palm and coconut trees, sip the fresh coconut water, sink your feet into the sand and many more. Apart from you can indulge in various adventure and beach activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, snorkeling, parasailing and more. Anjuna, Agonda, Calangute, Arambol, Dona-Paula, Vagator are the few must visited beaches of Goa.

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