Nepal, the land of Sherpas, Yeti(Himalayan Bigfoot), Wild Yak and the birthplace of Mahatma Buddha, an unbelievably Himalayan Shangri la, It is an earthly utopia.

Nepal Travel Packages

Nepal is a beautiful country blessed with diverse topography, unmatched scenic beauty, astoundingly soaring hills with the majestic Himalayas in the backdrop. The mountainous region of Nepal boasts of eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains. It is now a hub of Adventure, pilgrim tourism.

Nepal was erstwhile a Himalayan utopia draped in mysteries. As the hippies and western Backpackers flocked in masses, Nepal unveiled itself to the rest of the world and the capital Kathmandu soon became a hippie haven. For sightseeing, Kathmandu is the place to be at. Stroll down the streets of Kathmandu and visit the grand stupas and legendary shrines. Swayambhunath, one of holiest places for Newari Buddhists situated on the top of a hill in Kathmandu is an apt place to have a panoramic view of the valley. Among other legendary temples are Pashupatinath, Boudnath, Kumari Bahal, Machchendra Nath Temple etc. Go for excursions in the nearby Kirtipur, chovar, Buddhanikantha, Patan, Bhaktapur. Savor the Nepali food in the Thamel chowk restaurants and local shops. Your Kathmandu visit is incomplete without paying homage to yesteryear hippie’s hideouts such as the Freak Street.

The majestic mountains of Nepal are a byword for Adventure sports, the ultimate destination for trekkers and Mountain sport lovers. Nepal Adventure Tours provide the sports enthusiasts the unique opportunity to witness the dramatic cliffs, terrific, dizzying peaks of the rolling hills on its mountain ranges. Go mountain-biking on the rocky roadways along the steep, towering ridges. Let your mind and soul submerge into the abundant whitewater river and take the challenge of floating in the fast flowing rivers where waves will lash in your face and the echoing thunder will play the melody of the nature. Nepal is not restricted to just Rafting, trekking and mountain biking, to adventure tourists delight it offers Paragliding, Hot air ballooning, rock climbing, Bungee jumping to pump up the adrenaline rush and bring your fantasy adventure trip to life.

Choose your special trip to Nepal from the various Nepal Holiday Packages, and explore the enigmatic land of yetis and stupas. Romance the valleys and visit the serene valleys of Pokhara which is the gateway to the Himalayas, the starting point for trekking and rafting destinations. A not to be missed spot is the township of Tansen which allows the visitors to get the heavenly view of the Terai Plains.

As earlier mentioned Nepal’s topography is fascinatingly diverse and separated into three areas, the terai region, the hill region, the mountain region. Terai region begins at Indian border and covers the farmed gangetic plains.


The hills begin in the foothills of Mahabharat Range and ends in the undulating gigantic mountains where the Mount Everest, locally called Sagarmatha standing at a jaw dropping height of 8,848 meters. Seconding the Mount Everest and other tall mountains, there also is the range of the god, Annapurna Range.

Tour packages in Nepal offers a round and about mesmerizing introduction to the pronounced Himalayan utopia Nepal. Hence, don’t delay and live your dream mountain vacation in Nepal and have a crisp holiday.

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