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Yes, you read the headlines correctly.  NACA is launching a Protest to Prevent Ocwen from Sending American Jobs to India. And these aren't just any jobs.  These are jobs that literally have the power of life and death over American families because they will be making decisions about mortgages and foreclosures on American homes, with little to no understanding or experience with the exigiencies or stresses American families face in the current economy; let alone the fact that they were pushed into untenable mortgages by predatory lending practices in the first place.

Additionally, they're seeking to use taxpayer dollars in making the move out of the country.  No doubt they haven't been paying attention to President Obama's resolve to return all domestic jobs to the United States; and to prevent any tax deduction or governmental support to businesses who take jobs out of the country.  Obviously Ocwen has no interest in the fact that many of these jobs can be done efficiently, effectively by Americans right here in the United States; or perhaps they thought we weren't paying attention, now that the elections have ended. 

Just when you thought the banks had finally gotten the message, and were coming onboard and dealing more humanely with their clients -  WE, THE PEOPLE -  Ocwen tries to pull a fast one and send key positions overseas to India.  Ever vigilant, NACA founder Bruce Marks has sounded the alarm and is planning a protest demonstration which will take place Monday, November 19, 2012. 

If you thought NACA was only about negotiating mortgages and foreclosure prevention, you're in for a major surprise.  NACA not only is the best mortgage company in the US, and holds the record for the highest number of homes saved from foreclosure; NACA has no compunction about taking stands and actively going hands on, when it comes to those banks and executives who demonstrate their insensitivity to the plight of Americans who have suffered considerably from the economic downturn, massive foreclosures, and underwater mortgages on homes that were overvalued (read - overpriced). 


Come out and stand up with NACA in protesting against this travesty.  STOP OCWEN FROM SENDING JOBS OVERSEAS.  Monday, November 19, 10:30 AM.  Free NACA Anti-Loan Shark tee shirts will be provided.   Working together we can stop predators from draining our economy and from taking much-needed jobs away from the people who need it most: WE, THE PEOPLE.
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WHAT: NACA and Homeowners attend court hearing on Ocwen’s acquisition of Ally, Inc.
WHY: OCWEN the 5th largest servicer uses taxpayer dollars to fund underwriting and servicing jobs in India that should be done by Americans. 
WHEN: Monday November 19, 2012 @ 10 A.M.
WHERE: Bankruptcy Court, One Bowling Green, New York City, N.Y.

(Boston, MA November 15, 2012) NACA and many homeowners will pack a New York City courtroom to testify and bring attention to the use of taxpayer monies in funding jobs overseas.  Ocwen is one of the largest servicers in America that is funded by American taxpayers to make foreclosure decisions on American homeowners at risk of foreclosure.  The servicing and underwriting decisions are not made by Americans familiar with the plight of American homeowners at-risk of losing their homes but by people located in India.  

Ocwen is now positioned to become the 5th largest servicer of home loans in the United States by purchasing mortgages and servicing for others.  While having its executive headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida it is incorporated in the Virgin Islands and uses India as its primary operations.  Ocwen Financial Corporation won its bid to buy Ally Financial, Inc., which includes mortgage giant GMAC, owned by taxpayers after Ally received a series of taxpayer bailouts.  

Ocwen’s business model is to use taxpayer funds to hire low paid workers in India to determine whether to modify or foreclose on American homeowners.  American homeowners say they’re frustrated when they call Ocwen for assistance. 

Bruce Marks, Founder & CEO of NACA, the nations’ largest non-profit and community advocacy organization blasted Ocwen’s business model.  “On the heels of a national election where the outsourcing of jobs by American companies was criticized by both parties for keeping the unemployment rate high, here we have a corporation who wants to buy taxpayer owned mortgages and use taxpayer funds to create jobs overseas” said Marks.   “This is about greed,” said Marks, “It is an outrage that taxpayer funds for the government’s modification program known as HAMP, are allowed to be used to hire low wage workers in India when there are so many out of work Americans who are better qualified to do this work.  No overseas worker can understand and decision a loan for an American who is about to lose their home and much more.” 

NACA is requesting that the federal government stop payments to any company which services or underwrites mortgages for American homeowners overseas and receives taxpayer funds.  In addition, Wilbur Ross, the multi-billion dollar investor, who will become a major stockholder in Ocwen; and Warren Buffet, who owns some of the underlying assets, both need to take action to stop this abuse. 

About NACA (NACA.com)
NACA is the largest HUD certified counseling agency. It provides about 30% of the counseling in the country. It has more than 2 million members.  NACA provides free housing assistance to those at risk of foreclosure by restructuring mortgages to an affordable payment and by originating low interest home loans to mainly first time home buyers. NACA has been highlighted in the national news and its CEO Bruce Marks was named Bostonian of the Year for 2007 because of his work in getting the major lenders and servicers to modify home loans for borrowers who come through NACA.  See Bostonian of the Year.  He has also testified in congress on numerous occasions including on September 12, 2000, being one of the only people to sound the alarm of the pending mortgage crisis.  For more information go to www.naca.com

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