“Our people need to know that the enforcing of a no-fly-zone in Libya is a declaration of war on Africa” stressed Baba Hekimah Kanyama, while shaping the 5-point-action plan in response to the invasion of Africa by the United States, European Union and members of the Arab League. The emergency meeting with Pan African and African centric leaders in Atlanta was chaired by Baba Mukasa ‘Willie Ricks’ Dada and called for an “immediate cessation of military assault” on Libya by air, land and sea as one of the highest priority responses to the grave situation affecting Africa.


Baba Mukasa is a Civil Rights and Pan African leader who served as part of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the All African People Revolutionary Party (AAPRP). He is currently an Executive member of the World African Diaspora Union (WADU). Both the Civil Rights and Pan African movements were catalysts for the freedom and rights of African people in the U.S., Africa and elsewhere in the world. However, these rights have been trampled on by government legislative bills and military boots across the world.


In addition to the call for immediate cessation of the invasion of Africa, African Diaspora leaders in Georgia are also calling for the African Union to immediately implement the United States of Africa and the African High Command as a Pan African government and military command and control structure for the full integration of Africa. This fifty plus year delayed decision due to poor leadership for a United States of Africa and an African High Command has since cost Africa of its security. This would make Africa the second largest military behind China.


After slavery, colonialism and imperialism have led to the destruction of Africa, Africa needs a strong military to protect its economic, political and social advancement, especially to defend itself against clear, constant another imminent foreign threats. The United States of Africa and the African High Command were envisioned by great leaders like the late great Marcus Garvey, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, President Patrice Lumumba Emperor Haile Selassie and WEB Dubois to protect Africa from neo-colonialism and imperialism.


The third point-of-action is for Black communities to engage in continuous civil actions and mass demonstrations across the world against the military invasion of Africa by the same invaders who participated in the “Maafa” – the horrific enslavement of Black people over centuries and recently declared by the United Nations a crime against humanity. The first demonstration will be held on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 in Atlanta and will continue indefinitely. African Liberation Month in May was stated as a historic high priority for actions across the African world for mass mobilization to protect gains made by Black people since African enslavement.


Additionally, the African Diaspora community leaders are urging African Union leaders to eliminate all foreign military bases, including Africom and other European bases in Africa. Clearly, these military outposts of Europe are threats to the advancement of Africa becoming a self-determined and free continent. Finally, the African Diaspora community leaders are urging the African Union to implement plans for the African Diaspora to gain dual-citizenship as a way to strengthen the resolve of the Pan African Diaspora to protect and invest in a sustainable and empowered 21st century Africa.


The facilitator of the emergency meeting Mr. Kofi Adjei of Africa reminded others that Libya and other parts of Africa such as Ivory Coast are targeted by the Europeans and the United States as part of the ‘new scramble’ to continue robbing Africa’s oil and other natural resources. The industrial power, prosperity and wealth of Europe are only due to the European colonization and enslavement of Africans. According to most estimate, Africa’s wealth is now in urgent demand to stabilize Europe after its economic meltdown which started in the United States.

 Without Africa’s resources, Europe and the United States will continue to degenerate as powerful economic forces in the world. Since the 1960's, Africa's freedom struggles have sapped its former enslavers from the direct exploitation of Africa. The Anglo-American economy is also suffering from its inability to compete with emerging economic powers such as China, Russia, India and Brazil The emergency meeting called for Africans everywhere to rise up as the cloud of 'whiteness' gathers to storm Africa with the ravenous raping only known to Black people as white power struggle to maintain their failing white supremacy on the back of Black genocide.

Contact:  Reverend P.D. Menelik Harris/404-527-7756

Emergency Actions Urged as 'White' Clouds Storm Africa
March 21, 2011




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