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Monday, February 7, 2011

Egypt, Take Me to Your Leader!
And Jesus met a woman at the well.
He said, Woman, where is your husband?
She said, Savior, I have none.

The Western concept of leadership is being destroyed by the Egyptian revolution. The West is persistent to attach leadership to some person or group for the purpose of demonizing that person or group if it is not in harmony with American policy of supplication to oppression.

The more it is revealed there is no leader, the more the West persists in its search, for surely the evil, terrorist, Zionist hating Muslim Brotherhood must be the leaders. Surely Al Quida has slipped into Cairo's Tahrir Square. There's no way the ignorant Egyptian masses could formulate a program to end three decades of oppression, even with a grounding in ten thousand years of African culture and civilization.

We need only recall during the Vietnam war President Nixon claimed he invaded Cambodia because the Viet Cong's Central Commend moved into Cambodia. The Viet Cong came on the news with a reply, "The Americans do not understand that they cannot destroy our Central Command because we are all the Central Command!"

And so it is today in Egypt. Does someone need to come from the moon to tell the oppressed they are oppressed, that they must rise up and throw off the chains of the slave system? We think not. We think people have common sense to stand up after a long train of abuse has drained all the sand out the hour glass.

Leaders cannot lead before the people are ready to stand up, thus leaders are actually followers who must do the people's will, not the will of leaders. It is when leaders exercise their will over the people that we get such demonic personalities as Mubarak and his peers in the Middle East, Africa and around the world.

We were taught in Politics 101 that leaders govern by and with the consent of the governed. It is clear to the world Mubarak has lost the consent of the governed. The people do not care about his legacy, they know all too well his legacy of absolute brutality. Yes, he has instituted peace between Arabs and Israel, but peace is useless without justice and there is no justice whatsoever with respect to the problem of Palestinian statehood and Zionist intransigence that is tolerated by the West that subjected the Arabs to three decades of peace and passivity but no justice, and certainly no democracy.

We saw democracy destroyed in occupied Palestine after Hamas won a democratic victory. Therefore we should not place one iota of faith in any American support for democracy in Egypt. The best thing America can do is shut up and get its own house in order.

America is no model of democratic leadership, other than the best democracy money can buy. The Egyptian people can stand up without any advice from America and her allies in Europe and elsewhere. If the Egyptian people decide any form of government it is their business. If they decide to remain leaderless, it is up to them.
--Marvin X

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