Dying Immigrant: The Paradox of a Rising Continent

immigrants-disaster4.jpg?width=450immigrants-disaster7.jpg?width=450According to mainstream media, Africa’s economy is growing very fast. The continent is touted as the fastest growing region of the world. The World Bank, IMF and African governments never fail to tell whoever will listen that seven out of the ten fastest growing economies are in Africa. They spout impressive macro-economic jargons to support their assertions.

immigrants-disaster3.jpg?width=650But just as Africa remain the best-endowed continent with the most mineral wealth and Africans are the poorest people on earth, the paradox exist of a continent said to be on fast growing trajectory, yet has the highest number of people fleeing desperately to escape poverty and disease.

The statistics are as appalling as they are sickening. This year alone, nearly 3,000 would be migrants, in search of better life, have drowned in the Mediterranean – many of them Africans. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) estimated that the figures for this year is already nearly four times that of all of 2013. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE> Dying Immigrant: The Paradox of a Rising Continent 

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