Dr. Ben and J, Irving

Damon reading to Dr. Ben I just received these pics and thought you might like to see. We must take care of our scholars who showed us the path lost. :Agnes Johnson fyi pictures are forwarded from their visit From J. Irving and Damon Operations & Organization 100 Blacks In Law Enforcement Who Care Dr. Ben is in Room 301 at BAY PARK CENTER FOR NURSING AND REHABILITATION, LLC. AKA Hebrew Nursing Home 801 CO-OP CITY BLVD, BRONX, NY 10475 Phone 718 239 6444 His birthday was yesterday and he is 91 years young. He needs visits, He requests his books He requests conversation visiting hours are from 11am to 8pm Take 5 train to last stop (Dyer and Light) Take a cab or walk a long block under the train trestle to Boston Road. Cross the street to bus stop in front of mini mall. Take the BX 30. Bus will take you to Drieser Loop and the hospital is across the street on the left :Agnes Johnson See Runoko Rashidi's letter - WHAT DO WE DO FOR THE ELDER SCHOLARS IN NEED? https://theblacklistpub.ning.com/group/calltoaction/forum/topics/what-do-we-do-for-the-elder
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  • West

    4EVER LOVE to our Treasure Dr.  Ben  Jochannan..............ninakupenda Sana  mtu................

  • Georgia

    I want to thank Dr. Ben for all of his study, travels and lectures on Africans. I am glad I found him two weeks ago! Hotep!

  • Georgia

    Here is information on Dr. Ben at the Hebrew Nursing Home (Bay Park Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, LLC).

    Dr. Ben is in Room 301 at
    AKA Hebrew Nursing Home
    801 CO-OP CITY BLVD,
    BRONX, NY 10475
    Phone 718 239 6444

    Visiting hours are from 11am to 8pm.

  • Georgia

    I called the nursing home that Dr. Ben is currently in today. They said he was there and doing fine. I am planning a trip to New York in July and my first stop upon arrival will be to visit Dr. Ben.

  • Chicago-Midwest

    I am new here. Does anyone have any more news on Dr. Ben?

  • NYMetro
    I say this with love and respect, for Dr. Ben. When I found myself listing to one of his lectures about, 18 yrs ago, He stated something that made me hit the pause button:” His statement was this: You brother's have gone Muslim crazy". And my journey has been a continuous one from that time forward, and now at 52 yrs old, I'm thankful of the Creator for allowing me to accept that most harsh and difficult statement. And again the Dr. was right, as found in a presentation by one of his colleagues, the Honorable: Dr. John Henry Clark to be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOYOXjR_8-4 something most necessary for anyone in search of the truth, of how our truth was, and still is stolen. One love Minister aka: “Muhjahid”.
  • NYMetro
    I saw this at another site. Have not confirmed its accuracy. http://holipsism.com/blog/support-for-dr-ben/

    Dr. Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannan

    c/o MEDINA

    P.O. Box 290

    Bronx, NY 10467-0290

    Does anyone know if a donation should go to him or the nursing home?
  • South
    this is a sad discovery for me also. My husband and I will both make our way to see Dr. Ben
  • Europe
    We know that the flesh is getting tired but the spirit is never, it continues to move as strongly as a new baby. None can destroy the work you have set up for our children and grand children and great grand children. The Almighty is blessing the seed and those who are receiving the message with a positive attitude. Live for ever!
  • Europe
    Dr Ben has done saved many souls and lifted a lot of people's spirit including myself
    All i can say is thank you for showing and making it known to us that it is possible to take a new direction.
    It feels no burden following the narrow road even though it is crumpsy and there are not many of us. The Most High bless and bring your spirit back over and over again. Peace and happiness be with all our elders and scholars.
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