Donald Trump, the White Man's Last Hurrah!


"Donald Trump is Marvin X rich and white!"
--Elliot Bey, Philadelphia PA

Donald Trump, the Last White Man

 Marvin X and daughter Nefertiti at Oakland's Laney College, 2015
photo Ken Johnson
Marvin X's smart mouth oldest daughter, Nefertiti, told her father after meeting his agent, Peter Howard (RIP), a rich white man,"Dad, Peter is just like you, an intelligent, arrogant bastard!" Enter Donald Trump, another intelligent, arrogant bastard, and rich, unlike Marvin who was described by one of his students as the poorest famous person she'd ever met. For star worshipers, Donald and Marvin are both Gemini, usually known for intelligence and duplicity, multiple personalities, and throw in a little or a lot of narcissism.

Marvin X was born a Black nationalist, i.e., his parents were known as Race people, Blacks who were for their people. If Donald Trump is not a white nationalist, none exists anywhere in the world. Marvin X says, "I'm not mad at Donald Trump for being a white nationalist. Every person should stand and defend their own kind, otherwise they're a sellout. Donald is fighting to preserve the last vestige of white supremacy in America, but the world is already majority non-white and America is on the precipice of becoming the same."

So Donald is like a child in Toys R US fighting for the last toy before a new shipment arrives from, yes, China. He is a dramatic persona with that tragic flaw of arrogance and hubris or overwhelming pride in himself and his people. No other people matter for his vision is warped in dreams of a white Christmas that shall be no more. As many of his brothers are doing, he should consider suicide since, as Baldwin said, "White supremacy has led white people to rationalizations so fantastic it approaches the pathological."

But, no, Donald is a mad warrior who must represent all those white men who cannot understand why their world is coming to an end. And so he is in battle with the shadow on the wall that is not of himself but the breathing world in which he shall exist in name only, for sure not in any dominant position, no matter his military budget, no matter the building of a Chinese style or Israeli style wall to keep out the barbarians. Alas, the barbarians are Donald and his brothers, Vandals who are their own worse enemies and who shall ultimately destroy themselves because they are constitutionally unable to change.

This is the difference between Marvin and Donald. Those who know Marvin know he is a personality in constant transformation, although basically a Black nationalist. Have you seen him embracing the white woman, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf? She supported the creation of Oakland's Black Arts Movement Business District along the 14th Street corridor, downtown. The legislation was pushed through by Lynette McElhaney, President of the City Council. Google Marvin's essay In Search of My Soul Sister, in which he delineates the difference between Condi Rice and Barbara Boxer.

 Marvin X and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf at Laney College, 2015 BAM 50th Anniversary Celebration
photo Jahahara
Marvin X and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf at opening of Marshawn Lynch's Beast Mode outlet, 2016
photo Troy Williams 
But Marvin realized long ago when he taught in universities and colleges, especially when he had classrooms of mostly white students, a teacher who hates his students is a very sick puppy and he had no intention to be that puppy. He embraced his white students and they embraced him. He could see they needed knowledge and truth to dispel the world of make believe they inherited from their racist parents.

It would be good if Donald Trump, in these Last Days of Whitey, could really become the man he claims to be. For sure, he is trying his best to be brutally honest, a phenomena most of his brothers and sisters cannot phantom. But in his honesty is a plethora of lies and half truths that cannot and will not stand no matter how adamantly he proclaims such antiquated notions of his world of make believe. He will not be able to exterminate those he feels are roaches, simply because there are too many of them and the blow black will be horrific for Donald and his brothers. They may be forced to undergo long term recovery in some facility like Gitmo.

Gitmo: 10 years of injustice and disgrace - CNN.com" style="height: 360px; width: 640px;" />

Take a good look at wars America is engaged in at this hour: Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. She is losing everywhere, in fact, hasn't won a war since World War II. She's still fighting North Korea, she lost in Vietnam. War! What is is good for? The military industrial complex, the global bloodsuckers of the poor? Imagine, she's been bombing Iraq twenty-five years, Afghanistan sixteen. How long can this go on? And he wants to bomb the hell out of ISIS and take their oil? How can America bomb the hell out of ISIS when she is supplying ISIS? Donald knows the truth so why all the drama to deceive the 99%, the deaf, dumb and blind of America, White, Black, Latino/Latina, Asians and Aboriginal?

He may be bluntly honest but at his core he is delusional, his soul atrophied, as ancestor poet Amiri Baraka wrote in A Black Mass, "Where the soul's print should be there is only a cellulose pouch of disgusting habits."

I may be an intelligent, arrogant bastard, but someone said, "At his best, Marvin X is clarity of perception."

I can see clearly the world of Donald Trump will be, at best, ephemeral. It is good to see he is trying to stand tall and represent the last hope of White American manhood, but it is too late. The condition of the patient is terminal, he cannot be rusticated. So have a good laugh, Donald,  just know he who laughs last, laughs the longest! We are convinced, the suffering masses shall have the last laugh!

My friends are laughing at me this hour. They are mystified that from a tent and table on 14th and Broadway, downtown, I am able to influence the politics of Oakland. How can a man with two dollars demand one billion dollars for his people? But I do so with humility, not arrogance. I heard it said, "Ask and it shall be given."


Marvin X at his Academy of da Corner, in the Black Arts Movement District, 14th and Broadway, down town Oakland. photo Adam Turner

So we wish you well, Donald Trump, your people need your tragic flaws at this hour. Perhaps you can help them realize their flaws as they rejoice in yours.
--Marvin X

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