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I feel so defeated. The Afghan war continues. Iraq has been decimated. Africa is the latest victim for more war. Our drones defy international law with indifference on their killing spree all over the world. The oppression of the Palestinians worsens. Whistleblowers are persecuted relentlessly. The murderer of Trayvon Martin goes free. The Cuban five have been wrongfully jailed now for over 14 years! Everywhere you turn, injustice rears its ugly head. Instead of public outrage there is public apathy. I had hope for the Occupy movement.and still have tremendous admiration for their courage and sacrifice, but it seems to have been in vain. The peace movement right here in Maryland and nationwide seems to be in shambles. Indefinite detention of American citizens is now legal.
But, worst of all, what I thought was a glorious victory turned into a bitter betrayal, the election of Barak Obama.
But, I will not give up. When I consider how the heroic whistleblower Bradley Manning had to endure torture, weeks of solitary confinement nude , in the dark and in clear violation of his human rights, I will not give up.
When I consider how the brave idealists of the Occupy movement had to endure the chill of winter and inconvenience of living on the streets, threats to their personal safety, the Bull Connor tactics of Ney York billionaire mayor Bloomberg, such as police brutality and harassment, the seizure and dumping of their personal possessions including even their prescriptions, I will not give up.
When I see the intimidation other activists face, I will not give up.
Fellow activists, don’t give up. And, those who have dropped out,. come back. We need you more than ever.

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