DECLARE South Sudan Independence Now!

Anyar Ngang Alith:I have been contemplating about writing this topic for a long time. But something keeps me from writing it. One of the days I went to bed at 12:00 midnight and I dreamt in my sleep that South Sudan had declared unilateral independence, and it had been recognized by a dozen nations in the region and internationally.So when I awoke there was no such news, and I guess my brain was screwed.Now what? I would get into my favourite subject of all subjects in the world of politics today (South Sudan independence). Though politic is not where I am good at, I would try my best to put my ideas into intellectual perspective.Nowadays if you listen to news coming out of Southern Sudan, and you do really care about that land, you feel depressed and demoralized. There South Sudan has the right to self declare Unilateral Independence and they haven't been able to do so.If you have been listening to news coming out of South Sudan, it's depressing and demoralizing. There is tribal feud all over South nagging on every issue that arises.For me, that is a bad taste. I would want a government which is tough and decisive on issues coming out of post war Sudan. In Southern Sudan today, anybody can do anything they want and they know they will get away with it. Why? Because there is no rule of law. Government is there nominally. They are not doing anything per se. You are stabbed in the back several times, slapped in the face 4 times and and nothing is done about it, until the daywhen you fall and collapse.Have I bored you?  OK I promise I'll be done here. Here is what I want; GOSS should declare the independence of South Sudan now. Why am I advocating on this subject only?It is because I want South Sudan to stand on its own feet without support from a third party. Today South Sudan can be pushed down from its unstable feet by the Sudan government. If we declare unilateral independence today, we will have a lot of benefits and solve our own problems too.The benefits of unilateral independence are:Stable South SudanIndependent economyFreedom from oppressionConstitutional right However, there would be problems that we would have to tackle, for instance:Tribal feudsCorruptionLack of qualified civil servantYet, all of the above problems would need tackling from day one of independence but am not worried about them, because we are already dealing with them. As long we get the benefits above, then am not going to spend my time worrying about them because we can solve them without interference from a third party (Sudan Government).In addition, the Government of Sudan today is at it weakest point in their 20 years of mismanagement and genocidal war against the south. Today they are cornered and they are trying to survive. They are saving their regime from collapsing. But who is helping them to survive today? My guess would be GOSS, would that be fair to say?I hate to say that but then I would not like to shut up either because I belong to the South and am entitled to my opinion. If the GOSS declares unilateral independence, the GOS would be cut off from interfering in the South. They would not be able to support militias because they will have no supply lines.There will be no southern politician hiding in Khartoum claiming to be representing us while he's there promoting personal agendas and begging for welfare money.Are you with me? I'm coming to conclusion. GOSS is not capable of toppling GOS, so self declaration of independence should be the solution to the South Sudan. We will still have problems of Abyiei and Blue Nile, Nuba Mountain. However, they are already problematic, but I guess GOSS has lose grip of those areas already and GOS is spreading deeper southward ( Malakal).Let me say , we will  get into that solution when we are free but not when we are squeezed southward which is the joy of GOS.Furthermore, we will try referendum in those areas of Abyiei, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains, and if voting does work, we will fight as two independent nations.  We will lock in all the militia leaders and grumpy politicians in the south.Above all we will be free. We will be moving to one direction. We will blame ourselves for our mistakes instead of pointing fingers to others. FREEDOM is not free, you fight for it. You earn it.Written by Anyar Ngang Alith,The New Sudan Vision (NSV)Wednesday, 25 March 2009*Anyar Ngang is the moderator for Rally for South Sudan Independence website.He can be reached at  
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    How about standing election to see if the people will allow balkanation of their country. I do not think so. Only a few politicians and opportunists in the elite will benefit from balkanizing Africa's largest country. They want to control the oil resources so that they can steal them to detriment of the majority of Sudanese and other Africans. This is not right and should not be tolerated. We mustr Unite to solve our problems.
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