Crisis of the Pan African Intellectual

Crisis of the Pan African Intellectual

What is the revolutionary Pan African position on the Euro-American-Chinese occupation of Africa?
And what can the Diaspora do to stop the military campaigns for the mineral riches of Africa? Do we have drones, nukes, what? Can we tell African heads of state who are now in league with the Euro-Americans not to join the West in its supposed role of stopping the Islamic revolution? Perhaps we should make clear that the Arab Islamists, including the African Arab Islamists, are as much a problem as the Euro-Americans and Chinese, although the Chinese role appears to be purely economic, which is
nice if there is parity of trade between the Afro-Asians, but too often Chinese made goods destabilize the local economy with pricing and shoddy goods, often imitation cloth such as Kenti in Ghanna.

But what can we do, those intellectuals, Pan Africanists and revolutionary nationalists here in the belly of the beast. Dr. Nathan Hare and Kwame Toure argued over whether our focus should be to cut off the tentacles or the head of the serpent. Of course our focus must be the home front where our people are suffering greatly, jobless, ignorant, incarcerated, drugged out, diseased, etc.  Think globally but act locally. What can we do down here on the ground in Babylon? If you know, teach! If you don't know learn! The nature of events in Africa is complex with major issues of corruption, religion, tribalism, imperialism from a myriad sources, European, American, Arab, Asian, etc.

When will Africa be for the Africans? We see reactionary forces occupying Africa. America is placing American troops in 35 African countries. France is now in Mali to stop the Islamists, with American support of course. But does it matter to us whether the Euro-Americans or the Islamists occupy the land, both are known to be devils and destroyers of African culture.

And what shall we say about the African governments in cahoots with the imperialists or globalists?
The African politicians appear in lockstep with the colonizers and crusaders seeking control of Africa's precious minerals. From the neocolonialism of the last decades, we seek they are in the mood to make deals with the devil. After all, Kwame Nkruma taught us neocolonialism is colonialism playing possum.

The African nations collaborating with the occupiers are in the tradition of those who sold us to slavers.
In many of these nations, the former revolutionaries have turned reactionary, yes, in league with the devil. We can almost say no one in this African quagmire is without sin. Who are the good guys, the African leaders, the Euro-Americans, Arab Islamists, who?

Perhaps we can say the common people are the good guys, exploited and robbed of their labor and natural resources at every turn. How shall they gather the energy to seize people's power? The African bourgeoise is not about to give up power to the masses, thus the masses must fight internal forces and external forces of every stripe, European, American, Asian, Arab. This will employ sophistication and a broad understanding of all the forces involved, political, economic, religious.
--Marvin X
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  • South

    Great blog, this matter is really complex and with so many issues here how can we generate a foundation to help here as well as abroad. OUr advancement here must be focused and established, the intelluctuals here must put forth some effort. The activist here have to simply be more effective as far as our culture and economic advancement. We have the people, they just have to put in the work.

    Africa on the other hand has the resources but no self. As you say they are in deals with the devil.But at the end of the day, its about money to the world and thats the game they play. Its just sad that africa has to be exploited for this game to even exist. Its survival, and africa has to survive this just like we have to survive babylon.

    Looking forward to more post tho.

  • Chicago-Midwest


    I truly enjoyed this blog. For some reason many of us have this romantic idea about the African "elite" and the not so elite who both only thinks of their personal advancement in life. It has been that way since our encounter with "others". There are always going to be those who could give two shits about the conditions of the masses.  There are external factors to our collective condition as well as internal factors. I guess my question is what do you address first, the inner or outer? When you address the inner, you are a sellout, when you address the outer, you are a whiner. It appears you can't win in this fight. The fact is you can't be neutral and you must look at where YOU can improve. I personally begin with self, then I look at what and who I can influence.

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