crazy house poem marvin x



die Sunday morn

pig n blanket death

lighter than feather

Mao said

North Carolina Negroes

pray with devil

Deaf dumb blind Negroes

can't smell funky devil in midst

Didn't Jesus escape through midst of enemies

smelled them


Shalom Alaikum

passed through midst of them

til Martha Mary came

bout Lazarus

Jesus said cool 

go home Mary Martha

don't moan

got Laz covered 

raised Laz dead Negro state

last act before crucifixion

playa haters said that's it that's all

healin' sick makin' blind see ok

upliftin' ho's kissin' feet ok

woman at well ok

go sin no more woman

cast first stone ok

But you fucked up JC

you raised Lazarus 

we can't have you round here raising dead

Masonic Negroes

preachers teachers politicians judges lawyers say keep Jack in box

don't want jack out

keep Jack dead deaf dumb blind

if he join brotherhood

pay degrees

Laz all right

he pay by degrees

he rise from shallow grave

Hiram Biff myth-ritual


let dead stay dead

Negro leaders

Culture keepers

Democratic Party Negroes

let dead stay dead

No independent thought allowed

Dead Negro Anglo-Saxon thought ok

Kayne no

Sista girl no

put Kayne back in mental hospital

crazy nigga dumb ignut

At least Beyonce talk black culture

no more lap dancer

black panther

lift every voice sing sista

hot sauce purse sista

big H girl

billion dollar black sista

Let Kanye be Kanye

Why we all gotta be all

politics is politics 

no permanent friends enemies

only interests ideology agenda

Huey Newton say Marvin X

What's yo program?

Kanye what's yo program

Beyonce what's your program

Problem program

Solution program what

better ax somebody

cross lynching tree 

Billie Holiday 

Strange Fruit 

let dead stay dead

cell phone dead

low information vibration dead

Won't call Miss Ann

Becky with good hair

Miss Ann/Becky say

Did you mean

Did you mean

Southern trees Strange Fruit

travel Southern roads without armor of God

South armed camp

men armed women

my North Carolina woman kept piece on night stand

South hunting season holiday

Negro coon hunt

Better know piece for peace South

What Akinyele Umoja say

We Shoot Back

Robert Williams say Negroes With Guns

Southern Negroes never go Southern roads without piece fa peace

Northern Negroes too

We read Negro With Guns

north south same same

North up south

Canada say South anything below border South

No matter

Deaf dumb blind church Negroes cry

oh devil we forgive thee

Jesus cried on cross lynching tree

Father, why did you forsake me?

dead god cannot help dead Negro

Jesus couldn't help himself

bleeding nailed on cross

hippy lookin' Serapis

Oh Serapis Christos

codified Jesus 332AD

Nicea Conference

father son holy ghost

trinity not for African Christianity


Separpis no Jesus

not the one

people shouted

away with him

give us the thieves!

This was black savior

nappy hair

bronze skin

no blue eyed devil hippy Serapis

even Black Jesus

couldn't save himself

Isis had to find his vital organ dick

put him together from Lebanon tree

Horus the Avenger came

justice baby

Horus Harun

virgin birth child

I come for you Seth

Agent of Darkness Devil Seth

Sun Set

I come for you Devil

You are not truth

do not weight scales with feather of truth

Mizan Ma'at

Seth you lie on the scales of justice

how can we believe in god couldn't save himself

he can save us if we believe

say sinner's prayer

saved now

covered by the blood

saved from racism

born again

hate niggas ok now

kill niggas ok now


niggas so traumatized

want no church no religion no god

communism ok

no jesus please

anything but jesus muhammad too


Yoruba Moorish Science 5%

spare me

religiosity spare me

Give me  golden calf

girls boys just wanna have fun

material girl material boy

material world

do not save us from Sodom Gomorrah

we smarter than god

we want the men angels

to hell with your daughters Lot

give us the men

and the many gods

fuck one god monotheism

imperialism in religion

let the polytheists rejoice

let us adore gods of our fathers mothers ancestors all

do not save us from polytheism

let us dance all night to ancestor gods

religiosity mythology ideology dogmatism sectarianism racism globalism atheism communism

capitalism multiculturalism

julia hare said is but another word for failed integration

True dat Julia

america segregated now more than ever

bank account segregated



11Am still most segregated hour in America

1PM Friday most segregated hour in Muslim world USA too

Sista Maryom Al Wadai say we need Nigga Islam no Super Sunni Saudi Arabian Iranian myth-ritual Islam

niggas on bottom Islam

bottom rail top Islam Christianity Communism Socialism

Democratic Party Republican Party bottom rail top

2008 Crash 19 Trillion gone

basic wealth black/ white america gone

middle class gone

home owners now renters
tent dwellers
sub prime low scam tricknology
negro removal ethnic cleansing gentrification
black homes white 
harlem white
oakland berkeley san francisco white
black lives matter sign in window

love the devil cause he give us nothing

work whole life nothing

retired gov. cheese nothing

don't have $10,000 in bank

ten dollars nothing

payday loan no payday

payday loan college students

trillion dollar dept student loans

never pay

slave for life

Gotta go to ma slave man

see you later man

can't hang

slave job fa life

contract worker

no benefit wage slave worker

Uber  youber juber

can children go to school 

no body bag children

what world is this

what kinna people are these



walk across street cell phone robot

don't see car on ass

don't care

where you at where you at


AB said Tales of Out and Gone

I say Tales of Deaf Dumb Blind

Where is your mind and why

you cannot medicate the pain of reality

pain of your father's sins

privileges you inherited but deny

this is why opioids  confound the land of the free home of the brave

how can one walk upon killing fields yet cannot feel blood beneath their feet

don't care they walk on ancestor bones yet ancestor voices wail in the wind

the deaf dumb blind don't hear don't care

let opioids consume their madness

they wonder as they wonder

families bleed with pain

loved ones gone so young

why must parents bury children

this is not natural

but what is natural these days

in this land of the loveless

minds consumed with data data data

money data

fame data

brand data app data

tweeters twaters

Instagram moneygram

Facebook friends

3000 friends won't send a dime


Bob Marley say wit ma friends don't need enemies

but every little ting gonna b all ite

every little ting gonna b all ite.

Crazy house called America.

When will you serve the least of these

liberate all captives in gulags dungeons

some in mansion dungeons

scared to leave the house

scared to get fresh air

scared to drive

might kill in road rage

wife knows her man crazy

she crazy too

think everybody want her man

do she want her man

do she want herself

blessed in mansion

cursed by self

self accusing spirit

Woe to America

blessed yet cursed

won't share the wealth

greedy pig

1% want it all

no heart no mind no soul

deaf dumb blind.

--Marvin X/El Muhajir (Arabic, the Migrant)


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