Notes of Artistic Freedom Fighter Marvin X


“The artist elects to fight for freedom or slavery.

I have made my choice! I had no alternative!”

--Paul Robeson

Table of Contents

Introduction Dr. Nathan Hare

Chapter One  


The revolutionary who never came in from the cold

Revolution against fear


Left/Right Paradigm

Every day is a holy day

Why are North American Africans Reactionary?

US Violence--level the playing field--everybody pack!

Chapter Two

Parable of Conundrums and Quagmires
Parable of Violence in the Pan African Hood
Parable of the Heart

Parable of a Real Woman

Parable of Woman in the Box

Parable of God and Devil

Parable of Pit Bull

Parable of the Parrot

Parable of Rats

Parable of Black Man and Block Man

Parable of the Donkey

Chapter Three

Obama Drama/Trump Trauma

Pull yo pants up fada prez

Excuse me, Mr. Prez

Fictional interview with President Obama

Fictional President Obama speech to Muslims

Fictional President Obama speech on Afghanistan

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a tale of two white elephants

Donald Trump, white man’s last hurrah

Chapter Four


Black Panther


Sun Ra Arkestra at SF Jazz Center

Oakland  Symphony Vietnam Concert

Mama at Twilight, Death by Love

Film Fences

Oakland Symphony Black Panther Concert

Lifer, the Glen Bailey Story, a play by Ayodele Nzinga

Chapter Five


BAM 50th Anniversary Celebration

Oakland’s Black Arts Movement Business District

BAM Dream and Wish List

Economics and the BAMBD

BAM/BAMBD Billion Dollar Trust Fund

How the BAM/BAMBD Billion Trust Fund will be allocated

Letter of invitation to join BAM 27 Tour

Abstract for the Black Arts Movement 27 City Tour

BAM Speakers Bureau

Straight Outta Oakland

Black Bourgeoisie Art and Opportunism

BAMBD Meets Carmel Developers; letter to Carmel

Talk with architect Fred Smith on Afrocentric Design of the BAMBD

Toward Non-violence in the BAMBD

Confidential Notes that ain’t confidential; reply by Oakland City Council President Lynette McElhaney

Letter to Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf; her reply

Call for United Front at Oakland City Hall Black History Celebration

Chapter Six

Harvey Weinstein and Mythology of Pussy and Dick

Should Everyman confess sex guilt?

Harvey is Everyman

Chapter Seven

Notes on Da Nigga Debate

How to Recognize a Real Nigga

Psycho-linguistic Crisis of North American Africans

Silence is the  language of Unity!

Chapter Eight

The Cross and Lynching Tree: Assassination of Editor Chauncey Bailey

Between the devil and deep blue sea

Chauncey, A Shakespearean Tragedy

OPD Gang

Chauncey and Malcolm X

Fake News Chauncey Bailey Project

Chauncey’s last story

Black Bird Press, March release, 300 pages, $29.95


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