Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr Remains Strong !



During the last 2010 elections, candidates who opposed Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr all proclaimed that the voters of the district were finally fed up with Jackson's representation, and that accompanied so many local and national media pundits who also proclaimed that "Jackson was in political trouble," and voters could not escape all the negative media attributed to Jackson's name in the Obama Senate seat scandal and the front page stories about his marital problems all aimed at setting the stage for voters to unseat Jackson. But then election day finally came and the voters of the 2nd District gave Jackson his largest voting victory receiving almost 90% of the voters who voted in November 2010! NONE of the major political pundits who I send my political commentaries to paid ANY attention to my predictions that Jackson would overwhelmingly be reelected.


After Congressman Jackson testified in federal court today, I watched many of the local and national newscasts and there were the major political analysts AGAIN with the spin of "how bad" Jackson's testimony would hurt him politically but today after talking with over 100 local community organizers on the ground, I'll state again that Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr remains strong with his core base of constituents. But a few pundits told me that Jackson will still face yet another test as this new Congressional remap will take Jackson further into the south suburbs and will be judged in two years by a brand new base of constituents. I think that he'll survive that too if he is judged not on his personal life struggles but on his hard work at bringing federal dollars and resources to the people of the 2nd district. Just his name and seniority alone gets his district automatic attention. And all the talk about him not being able to gain any new political office other than Congress, to that I say GREAT ! I have pointed out since 1995 that it was my goal to see Jackson be elected young enough to serve long enough to possibly make history as the first Black with the seniority to become Speaker Of The House of Representatives.! So for me I am glad that Jackson now has only one focus and that is to be the best Congressman he can be for the people of the 2nd Congressional district. And I am now calculating just how many more elections Jackson must survive to be in that position of seniority to become the first Black Speaker Of The House!


So let the political pundits continue with their negative analysis on the future of Congressman Jackson, but the only real issue that Congressman Jackson has to fulfill is the confidence of the voters of the 2nd Congressional district, and for now he has being doing just that and if he keeps focusing on that service to the people, the people will continue to maintain their historic Congressman.

Why Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr Never Has And Never Will Be A Final Candidate For Chicago Mayor (re-post from 9-10-2010)

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One of the first community organizers to work with Barack Obama in Chicago for over 20 years. Now Associate Editor of The South Street Journal Newspaper and 37 year activist/journalist, recently selected as 2010 Who's Who In Black Chicago. (Office) 312-624-8351 or (Cell) 773-392-0165


I know that I am not one of the major political pundits that the mainstream media and our much higher paid political insiders are supposed to know, but since 1995 and EVERY two years since his first election to Congress, I have written a political analysis of "Why Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr Would NOT be a candidate for Mayor of Chicago,"  LONG BEFORE his current political challenges that the mainstream media and political pundits enjoy even debating yet today as why Jackson will not be a Chicago Mayoral candidate.   My analysis every two years since Congressman Jackson was first elected  in 1995 and now 15 years later is based upon what "candidate" Jackson told me when he asked me to be one of his Senior Campaign Strategists for his first election to Congress in 1995.
Candidate Jackson and our Campaign management committee in 1995, along with the counsel and approval of Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr and all agreed upon that I would author a campaign statement with the help of Campaign Co-Manager Frank Watkins,  that would address Jesse Jackson Jr critics that he was too young,  that Jackson Jr was a candidate that was "young enough to serve long enough," to benefit all of us, not just in Chicago but across the country.
When I approached Jackson Jr about how so many thought that his candidacy could propel him to Chicago Mayor or other political seats, and back in 1995 Jackson Jr shows me this chart that he developed as to WHY his candidacy and election to Congress was set to make history if he could serve at least 20 years. Jackson, Jr said "Mark, look at this chart," and the chart showed that most members of Congress were 60 years of age or older, and he said that in 20 years most of the current members of Congress would either be retired or dead, and that he was elected young enough to be the historic first Black to be Speaker Of The House!! 
Jackson Jr told me that being from Chicago AND Speaker of The House would put him in the most powerful position to not just take care of directing funds to Chicago but to Black and poor areas across the country! After I studied the chart and listened to Jackson, Jr, I believed what he said about his track to be the first Black Speaker of The House!!
Now I figured and believed in 1995, and know from then until today that in order to be the historic first Black Speaker of The U.S. House that you cannot break that seniority line to be Mayor of Chicago.  But I have issued and published this same scenario since1995 about "Why Jesse Jackson Jr Would Not Be A Candidate For Mayor of Chicago, and for 15 years it has been ignored by our major media and political pundits.  As I stated before, I have taken this position for every two years since Jackson's first election until today in 2010.
So, in this one mans opinion as a veteran activist of over 37 years, but as one who worked DIRECTLY with The Jackson Political Family and for Jackson Jr specifically, believed Jackson Jr's story and chart back when he showed me in 1995 that if he could serve 20 years, that all roads led to him being the historic first Black Speaker of The U.S. House.
BECAUSE of my personal history with Jesse Jackson Jr;  what he told and showed me with his 1995 chart to the position of him being the first Black U.S. Speaker that I will always reject these current political analysis that Jackson , Jr's reasons for not being a Chicago Mayoral candidate today is because of his current political problems when I have said long before Jackson Jr's current political problems that NO issue or dialogue in the end would STOP the ongoing ascension of Jesee Jackson's Jr's track to have rthe seniority to be the first Black to be U.S. Speaker.  In that light and scenario, and after all this current "symbolic" debate over Jesse Jackson Jr's not being a Chicago Mayoral candidate, check how far he is if he survives this upcoming election for Congress, and where his Seniority now stands to being the historic first Black  Speaker of the U.S. House if he survives this upcoming re-election.
BUT BECAUSE of the 1995 track is why I have written today as to WHY in the end, Jesse Jackson Jr has never been and never would be a final Candidate for Mayor Of Chicago, and THIS BEFORE Jackson Jr's current problems as the justification..


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  • Chicago-Midwest
    Start moving like ninjas, play your cards close to your chest and stop letting your right hand know what your left hand is doing. move with stealth, watch whom you talk to and be leery of questions asked....then watch what happens.

    "Building up black communities" will become more that a slogan or aspiration. Put those not part of the inner circle on a need to know basis.
  • Chicago-Midwest
    Exactly HOW does Jackson Jr get his inside information when he barely attends community and political meetings outside his own district. He specifically invites constituent groups to his personal town hall and office meetings but he rarely goes out to local community meetings strategic planning meetings where I guess groups and leaders "inside" strategies can be usurped by him.
  • Chicago-Midwest
    It is not about having something to hide in as much has losing the element of surprise. The element of surprise is the key component in any forward strategy and upward mobility. You can not sacrifice the element of surprise and still speak in terms of "building the black communities up."

    To win without fighting is best but impossible to accomplish without the element of surprise which you don't have when you have known informants in the camp reporting every minute development thereby compromising your plans and mission by alerting those that would object and obstruct your plans by anticipating your next move or sabotaging the final outcome.
  • Chicago-Midwest

    Thank you for your comment Enoch. Many major media have reported on Jackson Jr, as well as they continue to remind us of Rev. Sharpton's work with the FBI, and MY OWN organization was recently sent a person to work with me who was a police informant and I forgave him for he and anybody else can come and spy all day long and you will find nothing but my working openly on behalf of our people and Jackson or anybody else included.

    All Black elected officials and civil rights organizations have open planning meetings with constituents on their plans for their districts and organizations and so I am wondering what they have to hide other than there LACK of being aggressve enough in and agenda that builds the Black communities up.

  • Chicago-Midwest

    Your article doesn't mention that jesse jackson Jr. is a federal Informant has been so for many years. jesse jackson Jr. is the main reason why black politicians have no element of surprise anymore and why black America suffers from lack of progress.

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