Congressman Jackson SHOULD be exhausted and deserves a leave of absence from Congress

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr has taken a leave of absence and being treated for exhaustion and I wish him well.  Why wouldnt he be exhausted after all he has been through of late and like the old Timex commercial, Jackson has taken some serious "lickings and kept on ticking." But the man is a human being and most people could not survive the personal and professional challenges that Congressman Jackson has been through and despite the aggressive bashing he took from national media, pundits and recent political opponents, the voters of the 2nd Congressional District re-elected him decisively.

voters, Voters, VOTERS and many of them BRAND NEW voters of the 2nd Congressional District overwhelming chose to re-elect Jackson as the Democratic nominee to be re-elected in November and I suspect that despite this latest media bashing that the VOTERS of the 2nd Congressional District will overwhelmingly re-elect him as Congressman.

I was absolutely humbled to have been chosen by Jackson to serve as a Senior Campaign Strategist and a grassroots community spokesperson for his first campaign for Congressman where I proudly proclaimed that Jackson was "young enough to serve long enough to benefit all of us," and that he has done for 17 years and despite the personal and professional challenges his voting record in Congressman has proven to bring great financial rewards to the 2nd district and entire Illinois delegation.

I want to commend those current political opponents of Jackson who responded to media requests NOT to join in the negative reporting but to wish him well and to run against him on his record in Congress and not exploiting his personal challenges.

Jackson is strong but still human and one should be exhausted after the intense public scrutiny and pressures that he has been through and I commend him and his family for having enough sense to take some personal time off while it appears that so many in the media seem to revel in the ongoing bashing and absolutely no respect for his request for a moment of privacy.  But again this "National Enquirer" and "TMZ" frenzy of coverage is expected and with the Grace  Of God, this too Jackson shall survive.

God bless you my friend.

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