Henrik-V-Blunck_259255.jpg?width=350By Henrik V Blunck | When I was a kid, about 8 years old, I asked my father: "What is a negro?" I went to an international school in Copenhagen, and all races were represented in class. Just as my father was proud to notice this naïve view on race, so I am today proud to be entirely color blind. I simply don't get why race should be important in some circles.

News Media Part of the Problem

When reporting on crime, we often see the added words "negro", "black" or "hispanic" added to headlines. As though it was in any way relevant that the person doing a crime came from Mexico or had a father or mother from Africa. Does it change anything?

Crime is crime, and crime should be punished in a court of law. Not by individuals running campaigns towards specific nationalities.

Serving Political Agendas

Just as we have had centuries of homophobia, so it has become very common for people to see things in their own perspective. Overlooking the psychological fact that if you are only looking for one type of news, then obviously you will only pay attention towards one type of news. You will simply be filtering everything you see according to your personal and political agenda.

This has created xenophobia at a level we haven't seen for many decades. It is a very sad development, and it's going on all around us.

Hate Breeds Hate

We can all recognize when some use religion to stir hate. That is in itself a sign of weakness. If any 'almighty god' was all-powerful, He wouldn't need man to interpret things for Him, would He? If people believed 'vengeance is Mine' as we can read in the Bible, man wouldn't have to instigate any hatred, would he?

It's because we want to take over the role of both persecutor, judge and executioner - totally overlooking that there is no defense in this equation!

Let's get our priorities straight. We need to stop being bigots, and just as the American dream is equal opportunity for everyone, so we shouldn't add any words such as 'as long as you are not [insert race]'...

The good part about all of this is that just as hate breeds hate, then love will chase hate away like a spotlight removes darkness. It is possible to be welcoming towards all human beings once you realize no one has any first rights to any place on this planet. We are all family, and regardless of whether you believe we all descend from apes or were created, then the painful truth is that most religious people are blasphemous towards their beliefs when they disrespect other people because of race or beliefs, because they should recognize that plank in their vision. It's blinding people from enjoying a much more positive life, and it's quite a pity most people simply don't get it.

Help share the message, so people can be moved away from all phobias. Our world will be a much better place once this is understood.

I thank you for reading this article.
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