Class Warfare

In Amerikkkka, we are continously prodded to look left, and conditioned to only look atright from a conditioned action - reaction context, never to discover what's below the surface."Sometimes you can find more truth from your enemies than your fake arse friends"That is if you bother to really LISTEN to what they are saying.....and then ask,WHO REALLY BENEFITS?We are loyal to one party, that has done nothing but maintain the party line for TPTB and keep the structure of corruption in American politics in tack. America is "One Snake" with two heads, both sides are millionaires and billionaires who represent the same Elite Cabal. who control the world.
Now we are hearing rumblings and talk of a third party, which will serve only to mask the corruption even more carefully and create more confusion. Every notice that every county that has experienceda GENOCIDE was a county that had a leader that looked like one of them?
We have been played like a violin for the whole of our lives. The Elite Cabal orchestrates which tune we will sing, and we continue the tune and march along to theGulags, already built, staffed by Fema, legalized by Obama's Executive Order that extended the STATE OF EMERGENCY that has been used for the past 71 years and waiting for the dollar to collapse.Most will dismiss what I write here as a "conspiracy theory", but not for much longer.CLASS WARFAREThe cabal would like American workers to believe that "race war" is the only "war" raging in America--that there is no "class warfare" whatsoever going on. Unfortunately, treasonous members of all minorities--including racial minorities--have joined with the capitalist class in open battle against workers of their own minority groupings.Though working-class Americans are somewhat awakening to the fact that they're being destroyed by the vulture class, there is still no genuine understanding as to what they must do. Many are still allowing themselves to be taken in by the cabal myth that we have a genuine two-party system.At least since the American presidential election of 1868, the financiers who've ruled this country have hand-picked the presidential candidates in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Whichever party wins, they have their puppet in power.Excerpt

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