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Christian Fundamentalists and Crazed Nationalists Call Abortion Torture While Remaining Silent on Issue of Sperm Cell Torture (Onanism)


Most anti-abortion radicals have never seen a picture of a mis-spent sperm cell and when you try to show them one they recoil in horror and persnicketiness. One famous shouting ideologue called such pictures "a waste!!" But why so when fundamentalists and ideologues claim to have a set of absolutes by which to judge all actions taken by women as either right or wrong? Is not the deaths every day of billions upon billions of strong, living, viable, individually conscious and potentially tax paying sperms an outrage? WHICH IS MORE TORTUROUS; removing an unwanted fetus from a women who chooses not to carry it to term, OR ejecting a strong, manly sperm cell into oblivion, never to lodge in the uterine wall, never to develop and grow into a productive insurance salesman or cop?

The anger in the ideologue's voice (represented by all caps) was unmistakable; his stomach muscles were clenched tightly; the glare of his bared teeth was piercing and he sat on the edge of his jacuzzi as he ranted and raved furiously against abortion, which cost no loss of life or limb! This same nationalist/christian/ideologue/crank, and many others like him defend the wanton destruction of good healthy sperm cells in the billions, calling it (onanism) a health procedure!

What the hell has happened to the human ejaculate? Take a look at any of these images and tell me if a clean, safe, legal, coat-hangerless procedure to deliver modern medical care to a woman within her legal rights and to end hundreds of thousands of deaths a year due to back alley abortions is an issue of any valid comparison!

Image 1,1

Image 1.1.1

Image 2-1.1.1

Image 2

Image 2 1/2

Image 2.2.2

Image .003

Image 37

Image 38 2.2.3

Image 70 (vacation photos from latest ideologues' reunion held on the moon)

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Comment by Ulysses on April 26, 2009 at 11:32am
Adulthood is imagination's death.
Every adult harbors these secret moments
Clearly defining life's point of demarcation
When words like hope, fun, play, share
are mortgaged and
never completely

gouges in walls that turns into
faint smudges then into
blank spaces
where evidence of happiness is no longer required
where what is done there
stays there
reality cannot accept truth or
joy without profit

When being some fuckers' whore is
a reasonable facsimile of being
somebody's precious baby and
God's child

To all adults of this world: be warned
I will tell you to "Go Fuck Yourself" if you shout at me or
my loved ones who have yet to surrender their spirits to your
great cash cache
"Grow Up"

We will act like adults at appropriate moments
but only an idiot would trade being gifted with of all of Creation
to lease a piece of this world.

The difference between comedy and tragedy is
Comedy happens to the other guy.

Comment by Rayfield A. Waller on April 25, 2009 at 6:49pm
Sister Milagros;

I cannot speak for Cuba, but here in Amerikkka, when abortion was illegal, thousands of women used to die every year due to a procedure called the "back alley abortion". I was disturbed by the earlier post attacking a woman's right to choose, which I support, and have done political organising in the past to support, as well as many other feminist issues around women's rights in Amerikkka. I decided that rather than respond to the post by "JA" I would instead satirize it. My post is meant simply as satire, in support of women's legal right to choose (Roe V Wade).

Below is an image that really works, and thankfully, it will be working less and less and will eventually never be used again by a woman!!

Paz, mi hermana, Mlagros

Viva el Libre del isla de Cuba


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