By Gloria Dulan-Wilson ~

  This article was originally going to be a big spread in tribute to my sorority: DELTA SIGMA THETA, INC. However, on Monday, January 7, I tragically and suddenly lost the love of my life, Lou Wilson, of the group, Mandrill Inc., to a cardiac arrest, that took him so violently from us that I am still stunned by it all.

So this is a shorter version of the piece I wanted to do to honor my Sorors:

This is the 100th Birth Anniversary of my Sorority Delta Sigma Theta. I had looked with great anticipation forward to this wonderful celebration. This is also my 30th Anniversary as a Delta, having pledged Pasadena Alumnae Chapter in April, 1983.

I have to say, however, that I've been blindsided somewhat by the sudden death of the Love of My Life, Lou Wilson, of Mandrill Inc. But I wanted to let my Sorors know that Lou was with me every step of the way when I pledged in 1983. It was one of the greatest, toughest six weeks ever, because I was juggling several things at the same time:

I was a full time wife and mother to an entertainer artist who had a crazy, upside down schedule. We were raising three beautiful kids: Kira, Rais and Adiya, who actually watched me as I prepared for each Delta task. Kira, my eldest, who is now seeking to pledge Delta Sigma Theta's Alumnae Chapter in Virginia, was 15 at the time, and was totally in awe as she learned more and more about the Sorority and what they stand for.

I was also an elected official, Town Council Representative to the Altadena Town Council, in Altadena, CA. I pledged Delta Sigma Theta during my first term. I was also working with Norman Lear as a production assistant, which meant running between Altadena and Hollywood daily, and sometimes not returning home until late evening. But through all that, I was determined to be a Delta.

Lou remembered being ushered out of the house when we had pledgee meetings at our home, and how I went to such great lengths to make sure that things were perfect for our big sisters and our line sisters. I'm sure, that, had Lou completed college – which he left with only one semester remaining to form Mandrill - he would definitely have pledged Omega Psi Phi. He would have been a great Q. It was a running “joke” between us for quite some time – particularly since one of his favorite colors was purple.

Lou Wilson, of Mandrill - The Love of My Life - Supported My Pledging Delta in 1983
When I completed my pledge period, and crossed, Lou gave me a red jacket, and some red roses. He was always supportive of me as a Delta. Later, after I crossed, Lou even went so far as to paint my kitchen cabinets red in honor of our colors.

That was 30 years ago. When I told him about our upcoming centennial, he had suggested some ways in which we (Delta) could celebrate. He had even toyed around with the concept of writing a piece for Delta, but couldn't decide whether it should be jazz, rhythm and blues or Caribbean in tone.

As I sit here now, a proud Delta, I can't help but remember how Lou had just as much to do with my pledging as I did, because he was so totally supportive, and just as enthusiastic as if he was doing a Mandrill production! I remember him shepherding the kids out of the house so that we could hold our meetings in secret; I remember the look of pride on his face after I crossed.
Lest I forget, I want to greet my sorors at Lincoln University, which is a Delta Sigma Theta Campus. I am so proud of them and their accomplishments. Belo is a photo taken of myself and Soror Carol Black, who was the first Delta on Lincoln's campus (Lincoln University in Pennsylvania was all male until 1965 - we were two of the first co-eds) - The photo was taken during Homecoming in 2012. Apologies to our sorors, but that was an Orange and Blue Themed day:

L-R: Delta Sorors Gloria Dulan-Wilson & Carol Black at Lincoln University, PAHomecoming 2012
I am so proud to be a Delta. We are the first Black Sorority - actually, the first Black organization - to ever have a float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA -
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. is the oldest black Greek letter organization to ever participate in the Rose Parade in its 124-year history. The parade’s theme this year was “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” named in honor of the Dr. Seuss book.
If you can't open this video of Delta Sigma Theta at the Rose Parade, go on YouTube And Download it from There - GDW
To all my Sorors: I unfortunately will not be participating in the festivities in DC as I had planned. Just know that my heart and spirit are with you. I'm sure that in the spiritual realm Lou's probably already come across soror Dr. Dorothy I. Height, and is saying to her proudly: "My wife, Glo, is a Delta too, you know!
Happy 100th Anniversary to all my Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority!!
Stay Blessed &
Gloria Dulan-Wilson

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