Chris-Thompson_2048419.jpg?width=350By Chris Thompson  | Anyone familiar with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Islands knows that hurricanes are NOT fun. Furthermore, if you live in these areas, you know, first-hand what you're dealing with as you see that dreaded storm heading off the West coast of Africa. Just talking about the "checklist" puts my stomach in knots; everything from the preparation, boarding up the windows, grocery shopping, to the aftermath: clean up. Let's not even get into the amount of snakes, rats and other critters that are all around when picking up planks from the guys pier across the bay. But I digress... as a travel guru, there are some great spots in the Caribbean you can still visit-and not be too concerned-when scheduling a trip during that 'Scary Season' of frequent hurricanes. Check out these hot spots and other Caribbean travel advice.


Why am I safe to visit? Due to the fact that this island is close to Venezuela and the equator, provides a defense against the winds that blow strong tropical storms during scary season.

Main Attraction: The North Sea Jazz Festival takes place in August and September. Get ready to shake your thang at this event, because it is a non-stop party! There are artists from all over the world, visiting the island to play in this festival. The locals love the eclectic collection of music that submerges the streets. You can hear anything from jazz, to soul to hip hop and R and B, all with a touch of Caribbean soul, of course. Another bit of Caribbean travel advice: don't forget your dancing shoes!


Why am I safe to visit? Resting in the Southern Caribbean waters, Trinidad and Tobago sits just outside the pathway of large tropical storms. In fact, it hasn't been hit by a major storm since the early 1960's.

Main Attraction: OH MAN-this is one of my favorite islands! It has so much passion, love and excitement! The people are amazing, the food is spectacular and the party never stops! Side note: if you are looking for a BIG PARTY, check out the Carnival that is typically in February & March-wow! Pick a weekend and you'll find a party. In October, you'll come across the Blue Food Festival, Harvest Festivals and Steelpan & Jazz Festival, among a dozen others. November welcomes the TDC International Surf Festival, Harvest Festivals and the Tobago Christmas Caravan. Needless to say, you will need to obtain more Caribbean travel advice in order to hit all the hot spots!


Why am I safe to visit? Although this island sits all by its lonesome on the Eastern most portion of the Caribbean, it's pretty well positioned to avoid the mammoth tropical storms. Knock on wood, but Barbados hasn't been hit with a major storm since the mid 1950's.

Main Attraction: At times, I almost feel bad for Barbados. It doesn't get as much hype as it deserves. If you are in the need to try something new in the Caribbean, check out Barbados during October and November. This island is the birthplace of Rum, so you make no mistake, the rum punches and other cocktails will be flowing! If you make this into a Thanksgiving escapade, make sure to schedule your trip around the Food, Wine & Rum Festival. It is perfect for anyone trying to find all the food and drink Barbados has to offer. Oh yea, don't worry, there's plenty of music, dancing and entertainment to burn off those calories! Check out a few more of the Barbados hot spots with additional Caribbean travel advice.

There are probably another handful of islands that would be a safe (or 'more safe) bet to visit during the dreaded storm season, but the ones above should suffice for the next couple of years. The Caribbean islands are such a magical place, with each island, bringing their own flavor and excitement. Don't worry, there will be more Caribbean travel advice soon ahead!

Chris Thompson currently resides in Mobile, Alabama and has been an entrepreneur & seasoned traveler for many years. Aside from his business, he is busy tending to his wife and three (3) children. Chris is a proud contributing author and writes on several subjects, including growing your own home based business in the travel industry. You can find out more about the exceptional business opportunities by visiting: You can also receive your very own FREE REPORT at

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