NATO and No-Fly-Zone ~

I can’t believe it. The Arab Union is asking NATO to impose a no-fly-zone to prevent Kadaffi from putting down  the armed rebellion against him. Where was such a request to impose a no-fly-zone on Israel when it was bombing innocent people in schools and hospitals in Gaza? How about a no-fly-zone over Afghanistan and Pakistan to prevent drones from killing innocent civilians?

Besides, what is NATO and what authority do they have? NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, is supposed to be an alliance for the mutual defence of its member countries originally set up to resist the Soviet Union. No Soviet union now, so now it has degenerated into the North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation. It seems sacrosanct but in reality has become a western-backed terrorist organization. It is dominated by former and neo- colonialist powers who seem intent on bringing back the good ol’ colonial days. Otherwise NATO would be an anachronism.

In this world plunged in financial crisis, why is the US or any other country wasting money on NATO? They pretend to be peacekeepers, but that is the role of the UN. The combined military spending of all NATO members constitutes over 70% of the world's defence spending. The United States alone accounts for 43% of the total military spending of the world and the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy account for a further 15%. Mutual defense? I think not.

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  • Chicago-Midwest
    Very interesting perspective and very correct.  NATO really is nothing important except that it spends huge amounts of money buying weapons they never use and flexing muscles that have never been tested.  Indeed why are they talking about this now when as was stated our Palestinian sisters and brothers were getting bombed and attacked a few years ago?  Why not impose such a ban on Egypt and Mubarak when he was in power and he did similar things to his people suppressing them.  This is indeed Neo-colonialism as now since they have always hated Kaddaffi they are trying to find a way to get him out of power when they see him at his weakest.  They are going to be in for a rude awakening however as Kaddaffi is about to win this civil war and Italy and France, countries which do need oil from Libya are going to suffer as they should as Kaddaffi halts all oil to them.  That will be funny
  • US should stop arming Libyan rebels, says Mugabe, Zuma

    Posted: Sunday, March 13, 2011 7:40 am    By: Our reporter 


    President Mugabe (r) and South African President Jacob Zuma


    PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe says Africa should move in quickly to protect Libya’s territorial integrity and stop interference by outsiders who are arming the rebels in Libya in order to get access to that country’s oil.

    He was speaking at the African Union Peace and Security Council meeting at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    The president called for an urgent setting up of an AU fact-finding mission in Libya to ascertain the situation and pave way for African intervention in the resolution of the crisis.

    He also urged Libya and the African Continent to take the Libyan problem as an African issue that should get its solutions from the continent and not from Europe and America and expressed deep concern over the crisis in Libya which it said "poses a serious threat to the peace and security in the country and in the region as a whole".He said failure to act in Egypt and Tunisia by the Africans was a big failure for the continent which allowed external forces to interfere in the internal matters of Africa.

    President Mugabe added that the arming of the rebels in Libya by the Americans and other foreign western powers, is a direct attack on African sovereignty and a clear demonstration of foreign interference. He also urged Africa to demonstrate its capacity to intervene meaningfully in quelling the rebellion in Libya. It was also pointed out that there is need for African regional groups to initiate debate on the need to institute reforms in the areas of human rights and democracy for Libya and the entire Magreb Region to ensure that it aligns itself with the rest of the African Continent. President Mugabe said despite the short-comings in Libya’s systems, it should not be an excuse for interference by external forces. He said the "African Union took note of Libya's willingness to engage in the path of political reforms".

    Several African leaders including South African President, Jacob Zuma and Idris Derby of Chad expressed concern on the ripple effects of the destabilisation of African countries by foreigners and pledged to continue protecting Africa’s sovereignty. Ramadan Lamamra, the AU commissioner for peace and security, said at the conclusion of the PSC meeting: "The council reaffirms its firm commitment to the respect of the unity and territorial integrity of Libya, as well as its rejection of any form of foreign military intervention. Libya is a member of the African Union’s peace and security council and was represented at the meeting by Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa.

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    Obama Administration Lacks Leadership While Republican Millionaires in Congress Promote Billionaires’ Agenda

    T. West
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