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Cameroon Sightseeing


Bénoué National Park Covering180,000 hectares (444,790 acres), this national park is home to buffalo, hippopotamuses, crocodiles, hyena, giraffes, panthers, lions and a variety of primates, and can be visited all year round. Bouba Ndjidah National Park Situated on the banks of Mayo Lidi River, in the far north of the country, this park is a popular location for sighting the black rhinoceros. Other wildlife includes lions, elephants, élan and buffalo. Cameroon's forest people Learn about Cameroon's forest people, including their traditional medicine, hunting methods, and dances, during week-long expeditions to the southeast region. Climbing Mount Cameroon Towering at 4,095m (13,435ft), the highest mountain in West Africa and Africa's highest active volcano is a popular mountaineering destination. Bueau, a pretty colonial town complete with red postboxes, provides an excellent base and the climb takes three to four days. Driving through the Central Highlands The splendid scenery encountered on the road south from the Highlands to Nkongsamba and Douala features some spectacular valleys and pretty waterfalls. Exploring Korup National Park Africa's oldest and most biologically diverse rainforest offers the chance to see a wide variety of primates, birds, trees and other plants, including dozens of recently discovered species, while fording waist-high pools in 100% humidity. Festival National des Arts et de la Culture (FENAC) Cameroon's biggest non-religious festival, which takes place in Maroua in December, is a lively spectacle of parades, shows, cultural events and happy celebration. Foumban In this culture-rich town, discover many traditional buildings dating from Cameroon's period of German colonisation, and a Sultan's Palace completed in 1917. The Musée du Palais, the Musée des Arts et des Traditions Bamoun and the market are all well worth a visit. Hiking The northern region near Mora, the highland area around Bamenda in the southwest and the Mandara Mountains west of Maroua are good for trekking. Jungle Village in Limbe Botanic Gardens features a variety of trails. Kalamaloué ReserveThough small, this reserve offers plenty of opportunities for viewing several species of antelope, monkeys and warthogs. Buffalo, lions and elephants roam the virgin forests inland in the Campo Game Reserve region. LimbéThis pleasant port town (formerly Victoria) has a botanical garden, a 'jungle village' and seafront fish restaurants; nearby is a string of dazzling white sandy beaches. Rhumsiki This village features a maze of paths linking the small farms known as the Kapsiki; the Kirdi live here, whose customs and folklore, including crab sorcery, have changed little for centuries. The village is framed by the soaring Kapsiki mountains. Rock climbing In Mindif, a park south of the northern town of Maroua, see the huge rock known as Le Dent de Mindif, which is highly a regarded rock climbing spot. Waza National Park Here, twitchers can spot a rich variety of birds, including eagles, crested cranes, maribous, pelicans, ducks, geese and guinea-fowl. Elephants, giraffes, antelopes, hartebeest, cobs, lions, cheetahs and warthogs also roam the forest and vast expanse of grassy and wet plains. Wildlife-watching in Lobéké National Park Lobéké is home to elusive families of western lowland gorillas. Visitors can spend the night in a specially built watchtower for the best chance of viewing these and a variety of animals, such as elephant, buffalo, giant forest hog, red river hog, yellow-backed duiker and bongo antelope. Yaoundé Cameroon's bustling capital straddles seven hills. Attractions include the Benedictine Monastery's Musée d'Art Cameroonais, a collection of traditional arts and crafts on Mont Fébé, and the newer National Museum of Yaoundé.

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