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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Buy Black on Black Friday

Buy Black on Black Friday

Whydo we lack the economic vitality of Chinatown, Mexico town, white town,gay town? And yet Black America is the 16th richest nation in theworld, but most of our money goes out the hood to feed and enrichothers. When will we do for self and kind? Of course first there must belove of self and kind that is sorely lacking at this hour, although theeconomic situation is, as Elijah demanded, forcing black unity.Families are now living together who used to hate each other, butcircumstance is forcing them to get along.

We cannot demandothers give us economic justice when we don't give ourselves such. Whyshould the white man hire you when you don't want to hire you, yourather hire a Mexican, yet you would not think of going to Mexican townto ask for a job, nor would you go to Chinatown, white town or gay town.Yet from coast to coast Mexicans are working in Soulfood restaurantsand other black businesses because you won't acquire the discipline tohold down a job. You want to tell the boss what to do. Smoke yo bluntand talk on the cell phone at work. One day you will help self and kindfirst, then help others.

Some of you declined to purchase my$100.00 book, The Wisdom of Plato Negro, Volumes I and II, yet you whowent to college bought numerous hunid dollar books that drove youinsane, that have you yet addicted to the virus of white supremacy. Atleast my hunid dollar book was written in an attempt to restore yoursanity. Furthermore, the entire contents of the book is available forfree on my blog.

You want economic justice, stop spending yourmoney with those who hate you, who won't employ you. Are you some kindof trick sucker? Get a grip on your mind and fly right as the old folksused to say. If you boycotted Black Friday by shopping with your ownkind or simply staying at home, America would ask what do you peoplewant? If you boycotted the shops, stores and malls during the holidays,America would beg you to say what you people want!
Why are you spending $200.00 for tennis shoes that cost 50 cents to make in China.

Butwhat do you want, Hamlet, or shall we call you Othello's children! Doyou want a job or can you use the mind God gave you to create your ownjob? Don't you see that even if you possess the skills for jobs in thepresent era, you are not wanted. This is not entirely a racial matterbut a matter of the filthy, greedy, blood sucking capitalist system youwant to be part of. Imagine, even with high unemployment, thecorporations are doing fine, making mega profits with bonuses.

Yetyou are unemployed and possibly homeless since your good job wasoutsourced to India and China, and you were a victim of the sub primeloan scam. Of course the sub prime pyramid scheme shall ultimatelybackfire in the face of the capitalists as we see in France, England,Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. And yes, ultimately it shall hitAmerica. The shit ain't hit the fan in America yet. Wait until they dotitle searches on all the foreclosed properties that the new ownersattempt to purchase. Yes, they shall indeed be toxic securities,absolutely worthless.

Think of all the black wealth that has gonewith the wind, all the real estate blacks accumulated from sweat, bloodand tears. The little inheritance our ancestors and elders acquired isgone because we were greedy and did not guard against being deceived, ordid not exercise the dictum buyer be aware.

And so, in theSisyphean tradition, we begin again the climb up the hill with the rockin hand. We should consider establishing micro-loan banks to help ourpeople out of poverty as people are doing around the world. We mustbecome entrepreneurs and do for self. There is no other way out of thisconundrum unless we, in the manner called revolution, seize theinstitutions that have stolen our wealth and divest them in the name ofthe people, then share the wealth, feeling no sorrow for the bloodsuckers of the poor, the greedy capitalist swine and their running dogs.

Marcus Garvey told you, Up you mighty Race, accomplish what you will!
--Marvin X

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