3828566522?profile=originalBusiness icon, humanitarian and chairman of the Chicago Baptist Institute International, Dr. Willie L. Wilson and a coalition are holding a legislative economic accountability summit 11:30 a.m., Monday, July 14, 2014, at the Chicago State University where Gov. Pat Quinn and GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Rauner will outline their economic development agendas.

Dr. Wilson will be joined by his coalition comprised of clergy, business men and woman, community leaders, state legislators like Rep. Ken Dunkin, chairman of the Black Caucus, aldermen and other political leaders.

“We need our fair share of dollars that we pay to the State of Illinois,” said Dr. Wilson.  has composed a list of questions he wants both candidates to address.

The forum will be held in the CSU library.

Here are some of the questions  that the coalition has put together. 


Legislators Questions II


1)   We would like to establish leaders and business people that we select to be on the team when decisions are made that impact our communities. We would like to establish an independent accountability reviewing committee to review the effective and ineffectiveness of the oversight committee with concentration on disparity.

2)    We will establish a system that will review the best practices for effective employment and contracts and administration for African Americans that will ensure equity and parity.

3)   Establish / appoint fair and equitable representations across the board for all boards, commission & committee seats etc.

4)   We would like the state to create a board that ensures minority business owners are paid on time, additionally the creation of a banking capital fund program where the state puts money into the account so the minority businesses can borrow capital for their businesses. Establish African American disparity fund for non- conventional borrowers who cannot get a traditional loan.

5)   To establish a quarterly audit of all compliances.

6)   To establish an educational program to equally divide funding a resources across the state.

7)   We would like to make advisory recommendations to appoint people for key offices.

8)   To establish and effective mentor protégé initiative that will help to develop capacity building in African American businesses.

9)   To establish a process of reviewing and increasing African American participants in all public and private sectors of contracting.

10)                 The state to set up a fund that requires small businesses to have a succession plan to eliminate issues regarding 2nd generation businesses survival.

11)                 The state to come up with business ideas for the African American community.

12)                 Establish a performance base for all department heads to have an incentive and disincentive on performance.

13)                 Establish a public safety / issues blue ribbon committee.

For further information, call: Rev. John Grey, 773.550.3962.


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