Since August 2008, 135 Stella D'Oro workers (mostly women)were forced to go out on strike due to BRYNWOOD PARTNERS', the company bosses, greedy attempt to drastically slash their pay, pension and benefits. The drive for super profits is driving these corporate rich to steal more from workers and to attempt break their union. Solidarity with these workers is growing. Give your concrete support. JOIN THE MARCH DOWN BROADWAY! JAN. 31 * 11AM * 237 St & Bway #1 train to 238th St. (at Broadway); map: <> "No Justice, No Cookies!" Saturday, January 31 Support the Stella D'Oro Workers Company attempts to destroy their union The 135 workers of Stella D'Oro, the biscuit producers, most of whom are Latina women and immigrants from Asia and Africa are confronting a cold winter on the streets. They have been on strike since August 13, 2008. The company, Brynwood Partners, has refused to negotiate and is demanding that the workers return to work without a contract in an attempt to destroy their union. BOYCOTT STELLA D'ORO PRODUCTS The workers have gone on strike because the company wants to: Slash wages by as much as 25% Make health insurance unaffordable by imposing crushing premiums Eliminate holidays, vacations, sick pay & current pension Eliminate extra pay for working Saturdays The strikers are represented by the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) Local 50. They are on the picket line everyday! Place: In front of Stella D'Oro plant on 237th Street & Broadway (#1 train to 238th St) JOIN THE MARCH DOWN BROADWAY! JAN. 31 * 11AM * 237 St & Bway RALLY *1PM * Target Shopping Ctr. 225 St. & Major Deegan TELL YOUR GROCERS AND LOCAL STORES: DON'T STOCK STELLA D'ORO PRODUCTS! PRODUCED BY: Committee in Support of the Stella D'Oro Strikers WEBSITE: YOUTUBE VIDEO: MORE INFORMATION:; 917-497-4231 PO Box 20068; NYC 10025
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