I just wrote a blog post about the legal way that blacks can be re-enslaved.  See .

It is incendiary, but when a watchman (or watchwoman) sees danger coming, he or she is supposed to sound the alarm, else God would require the blood of the people of his or her hands.  

One reason blacks have never received reparations is because we aren't free.  Yet.  But we can be.

The future is the consequences of our decisions.  We can decide on a future with us receiving reparations.  We decide that NOW!  

We don't have to wait for whites to receive reparations.  We can simply wait on them to redeem reparations.  There's a difference.

We can receive reparations now by getting Merkabucks.  Just apply for Merkabucks at .

Once blacks receive reparations, they're one step closer to demanding that whites redeem the Merkabucks.  

We must decide, for ourselves, who will receive reparations.  We can use our power of receiving reparations by distributing digital currency like Merkabucks.  When we let them decide which among us will receive reparations, we give whites too much undeserved power!  We give them the power to divide us!

Whites' power is in redeeming reparations.  Whites can decide whether or when to redeem the Merkabucks.  The future is the consequences of their decisions.  What future is in store for them if they don't do it?  The ball is back in our court.

Once we possess Merkabucks, and blacks grow in the U.S. population while whites dwindle, we can decide to replace the U.S. dollar and/or the euro with Merkabucks.  The Merkabucks can be our legal tender.

Blacks are like Dorothy in the land of Oz, wishing she could get home.  Merkabucks are our ruby slippers.  Don't just wish you can go home.  Get your ruby slippers now so you can click your heels.  Get your Merkabuck now at Merkabucks Application

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  • Europe

    There are many ways in which Africans can be, and are, being enslaved.  Since slavery, laws have been put in place to criminalised African Americans.  On both sides of the pond, people of African heritage are disproportionately filling up the prison system. 

    This is just one more way.  I like to think people of other races would oppose such a move.  But thanks for calling attention to this. 

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