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  • They--like some brothers locked up--need proper legal representation. That would do a lot for 'cheering them up'.
  • West
    Yes they do need letters?

    What types of letters?

    Do we write to them, saying?

    Aunt Sally pass away.
    Uncle John broke his hip.
    Cousin Jane got married.
    Sue had a baby.
    We had a family reunion, or, we are going to have a family reunion.
    How mentally uplifting is all that?

    Do we write in such a way that they will be mentally uplifted, and know and speak Divine Truth/Reality like Hon. Mumia Abu Jamal (political prisoner).

    Do we write revealing to them our once Divine Right mind/selves, and how we can reclaim our Divine right mind-set?

    No we do not because, first our minds on the outside must be in Divine harmony, order, and balance, knowing the Divine truth/reality, and if not a prisoner can never free another prisoner consciously.

    These prison officials people reads every letter they get.

    If some of the letters cause them to be depressed, they do not get the letters, and the person sending the letters get their letters back.

    It is my desire to educate them in letters, letters that will raise their conscious level higher, and even those letters may not get to them.

    I use to correspond with a sister on Death Row, who I managed to uplift her consciously. I no longer hear from her, and I do not know, if in fact she was executed.

    Where ever we can get Divine truth/reality an appearance, even behind prison walls we should do it.

    Divine loving

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