I just recently told a brother that reported on the injustice from the L.A. School District that:

" Until black America accepts responsibility for our own fairness and well being the unjust treatment and insensitivity toward blacks will continue unabated however challenged."
Enoch Mubarak

Now today I log on to Facebook and see/read: "Lawsuit Alleges Landmark Steakhouse Employees Referred to African-American Customer as 'McStinkynigg"

It was waiting for black America to read.... because it will never stop until we "paint" a different "picture " because the images white America puts forth of black people before the global community is socially, economically and literally killing us.

Thus far White America has not succeeded 100% because the rest of the world is not blind.

White Americas key flaw is their lack of credibility before the world because for every negative image they portray of us and for every dispicable 'McStinkynigg" name we are called White America must still explain and answer to the global community as to why is it then that a black man that represents black people run this country, calls the shots, draws the line and dictates the actions and movements on and of white America’s foreign, international, financial, social and domestic policies?

White America can't explain it and therefore to the global communities that are not blind White America appears to be jealous of black people.

The notion that the world views white America has jealous of black people only entrenches their desire to prove their power and superiority over us and that why White America will stop at nothing to reclaim America even if it means destroying, undermining, castrating and imprisoning into jails, slavery or poverty each and every black person.

"Reclaiming White America" from black people has taken precedent over their global standings. White America is less concerned about China owning them or about Spanish immigration because White America is obsessed with the global embarrassment and humiliation of being jealous and embarrassed for having all of The Planet Earth witness "The birth of a Nation" being governed and ruled by black people.

Taking America back from the control of black people that’s being represented to the world by having a black sitting president with a black wife, black children, black in-laws and black friends is their do or die mission..

White America will go after any white politician, private citizen, group or organization that demonstrates any allegiance or support for black America and that’s why there is no help summoned and no help coming.

Just as we teach our black children about the history and experience of being slaves White America teach their children about the history and experience of being slave masters and never shall the descendants of slaves rise up to overcome the descendants of slave masters.

Americas symbol of supremacy is their precious and much adored film "Birth of a Nation" Whites believe that America is theirs and it adds insult to injury that the descendant of slaves has risen up, come forth and now master the descendants of slave masters.

White America having the shots called on them by black people is a fate worth than death for them and White America will stop at nothing until they "reclaim America” or die trying.

Black America 2011
Read Undercover Smart because they are coming for you. Hiding, staying quiet, being a good Negro, sitting up straight, chewing your food 32 times, brushing after every meal or looking both ways before you cross the street will not stop them from reaching out trying to destroy and undermine your character, livelihood, freedom or existence.

Prepare to defend your right to exist. Fortunately for us that in the 21st century intelligence is the weapon of choice. Therefore we can win because what one person can learn to read so can another.

By employing the strategy of reading we can win without fighting by simply outsmarting our opponents. Intelligence is the weapon of choice and intelligence will do that.

Read Undercover Smart. Complete the 5 steps. See, feel, experience and know the difference it makes on your brain, intelligence, life and existence.

For the first time you will know and feel the difference between a "picture" and a "painting" between eating out and dining out, between being served and being waited on.

Read undercover Smart and with intelligent strategy we will kick their fanny perpendiculars and prove to the global community that black people rule and call the shots because…. we got it like that..

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Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak
President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes
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