JANUARY 31, 2010 SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VA – The Planning Committee of the Black Elders who called for the convening of Black Nationalist Elders to come together and form an institution that will “vouchsafe” the wealth of visions, hopes, dreams and the “essence” of the ways and means they used to live a life of Resistance to “Slavery, 2nd Class Citizenship and other forms of Oppression,” have scheduled the Conference for the weekend of the Spring Equinox, March 19 & 20, 2010. The Planning Committee, which the conveners have formed themselves into, will meet, in session, Friday evening, March 19, 2010 to finalize the structure of the National Coalition of Black Nationalist Elders (NCOBNE) that will be presented to those, Elders of Note, who answer the call to convene. All activities of the conference will be in deference to Black men and women sixty years and older. The program for the Conference will be publicized in advance of anyone coming to The Land. The historic nature of the place where the meeting will take place will also be crystallized and institutionalized along with the NCOBNE. The Land, located at: 26070 Barhams Hills Road , Drewryville , VA is reputed to be none other than the birthplace of The Great Nat Turner: so a tour of the “Nat Turner Trail” will be part of the conference itself: The response of the Greater Black Nation has been dynamic; so much so that a e-mail account has been established to receive statements from Black people who want to offer suggestions about how NCOBNE (National Coalition of Black Nationalist Elders) should be formed. Those so interested are asked to e-mail their statements to: – for more information call 434-378-2140
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  • Chicago-Midwest
    Chief Elder,

    "a e-mail account has been established to receive statements from Black people who want to offer suggestions about how NCOBNE (National Coalition of Black Nationalist Elders) should be formed."

    did you contact these folks to share your concerns and ask your questions and give your input? that way you could be assured that your concerns are addressed... if so, what response did you get?

    thanx for your sharing
    Elder Mama Khandi
  • South
    The idea is great, but can it stand the weight of selfish vanity, envy, ego, and jealousy, the trinity of a Mind Evil.

    I have given some thought to the proposed Elders Conference call and I have questions concerning this action.

    Will this be a Gathering of Elder of A Garvey black Nationalist perspective, coming to a gathering without a already structured agenda, but with a freedom to discuss and come to an agreement on what the structure and agenda will be, as will be thoughtful formed by an exchange of Black Nationalist Perspective and ideas, concerning Afrika and Black people needs?

    Any gathering that has a structural foundation already in place, will be no difference for the way Black folks been operating in the name and call for a Black conferences.

    Will the act of conception take place at the Meeting of those Elders, or will the structural foundation already be in place, the baby already born, and the Elders are just summon to voice and agreement or disagreement as to the action taken in causing the birth of the Baby, a setting ripe for Ego explosion, which turn into an act of complete conference destruction.

    Just a few of many thoughts I have concerning this call that is now going out to Black Nationalist Elders.

    If these will Truly be Black Nationalist Garveyite Elders, then I Think that the foundation of what is to come from such a gathering should be laid by the Mind of Those Black Nationalist Elders and then eventually if so desire, the invitation can go out to all ages of Black Nationalist Garveyites, and there is no other quality Black Nationalist without the Garvey signature Burned in such a Mind claiming to be a Black Nationalist, Elder or Young,
    Female or Male.

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
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  • West
    This is a great idea and I'm down for it, though don't know if I can make it. I have some thoughts on the fomration and direction of an elder's council, and one is the chronological age requirement. This needs to be rethought in light of the fact that some elders are suffering arrested development and some youth have the wisdom of elders. I'm thinking of young scholars like Greg Carr of Howard University and others like him. So we need to think about this chronological requirement.
  • South
    Cyberspace Tribute to Dr. Obadele will be tonight at 5 pm on at least one of the radio stations: HARAMBEE RADIO....................Khalifah
  • DMV
    Please keep informed. Baba Olatunji
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