Belgian Paratroopers back in the Congo?

Belgian Paratroopers to Crush Rising Congo Rebellion? With the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) engulfed in bloodshed and terrorism due to the secretive occupation and expansion by the Rwandan regime of Paul Kagame, Congo’s President Joseph Kabila has reportedly requested an immediate emergency military intervention from Belgium to crush a growing rebellion sparked by resistance forces in the far western Congo. A rising alliance calling themselves “The Resistance Patriots of Dongo” (Patriotes-Résistants de Dongo) has gained currency and recruits after Congolese people learned that the Dongo resistance forces were fighting against Rwandan Tutsi troops in the little frontier town of Dongo. CONTINUES: Belgian troopers are back in the Congo? I again can hear Belgian King Leopold's ghost. I can again hear the poem, The Congo, by Vachel Lindsay. ". . . . A roaring, epic, rag-time tune From the mouth of the Congo To the Mountains of the Moon. Death is an Elephant, [Shrilly and with a heavily accented metre.] Torch-eyed and horrible, Foam-flanked and terrible. BOOM, steal the pygmies, BOOM, kill the Arabs, BOOM, kill the white men, HOO, HOO, HOO. [Like the wind in the chimney.] Listen to the yell of Leopold's ghost Burning in Hell for his hand-maimed host. Hear how the demons chuckle and yell Cutting his hands off, down in Hell ..... " Submitted by Roland Sheppard. Visit Roland Sheppard web site at:
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