By Chief Elder Osiris

There Is Much More Where This Come From


Imposing your Will through influence of having others to believe in what youclaim to be godly true, such is the action of Religion.

There is more to being A Black Race than appearance, all who appear to be Black is not Black, because being Black is a way you mustact in life and acting is living, and living reveal the way that you makedecisions and allow your self to be treated by your self, and by other than your self, all which require the use of aDivine Mind.

History is a recent involvement with the Black life, it is what describe the cause of the condition of the living of the Black Bodylife, which is a combination of events caused not by Nature Design but by thosewho have caused the history about A Black Race, which the world now accept asthe true indication of the way the black Race now act in living the Black Bodylife.

There is no history making by the people of the Black Race, only a verification of life living action, so created by the Black Race,without the interference of influence by the events caused by history, ahistory of inaccurate account about the coming and origin of the Black Race,and the status of our true identity.

There is no other Race that is known by history account of that race that predates history as told about the Black Race.

Therefore, there is no history that can qualify in telling the Truth about the Black Race,because the Black Race is based upon Divinely being a Thinking Divine Being,and Divine Thought is what verify the quality of living of the Black Race, before the coming ofHistory, which did come and rearranged the Body life living condition, and the imageof the Black race today.

So no, there is no history that can be the verification about the coming and going of the Divine Black Race, in regardto this planet earth.

So, the only accurate account that can be given about the Black race is not by history, but is by the quality of Mind that is qualified inknowing the Divine life living activity of the Black Afrikan Race, which is pertainingto the life activity performed upon this planet earth, but does in fact extendfar with Time, that is not of this planet earthly account of Time.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

Lucifer the Human Being, he being the story teller of history about the Black Race Body Life living, which makes it to only be that, astory, and such a story is Lucifer rendition about the Body Life living on thisplanet earth and it is history that cause the world to develop and to have adisdainful disrespect for the Black Race.

The Black Race is that which once occupied and lived upon this planet earth, but today there is only a very small remnant of the Black Race that is presently livingupon this earth planet, and you can identify them by the thoughts that arerevealed about themselves and about History.

So it does not matter how so call educated you are or how much educated research you do, the only information you are going todiscover is that which has History logo branded upon it, and in regard toHistory account of the Black Race, History lie and deceive you.

So no, what you write in opposition to that which I Divinely share with you, it has no motionof persuasion upon me, that is if all that you use to rebuttal Divine information, is withHistory.

How foolishly ignorant those who today impersonate being a member of the Black Race, that is, if you do not know that the DivineBlack Race predate History account of the Black Body life that is living upon thisplanet

The Black Body life that is a member of the Universe body activity, a body that consist of myriads of parts of the Universe Body, which is a physical living and nonlivingverification of Existence and Life, the two being in juxtaposition to eachother, but is not the same in form as being, nor in and the performance that come from each other action.

It is foolish to try and define and explain Infinity, and the Black Race reside within the bosom of Infinity, and infinity being theeternal everlasting Dark Energy Space, it being the Garment of the DivineEssence, the Complete and Total entrapment of Time Space Continuum.

It residing in a inert state of Ethereal Existence, having all of Energy elements to be theverification of the attributes of the Divine Essence Existence, that which iswithout a act of creation nor is with a potential for an Ending, such be thestate of the Divine Essence.(GOD)

History does a disservice to the Black Race and if the Black Race is to ever get to know it self again, then History must not beallowed to be the Black Race informer about itself.

Because such a Divine Mind Black Race, predate History, which mean History can only give a distorted viewof an account of the Black Divine Mind Race.

It is History that have the Black Race delving in the limitation of an account given about the Black Divine Body life, and tocontinue to do so, is what have Lucifer the Human Being to have such a powerfulpresence in the Black Body life living today.

Therefore, it is such a living that is profane and not Divine, because what the Black Race operate with today, is a Mind thatis not calibrated to the original Black Body life, which was Divine in its originalcoming to this planet earth.

To a Black Divine Thinking Mind, given the state of the Black Body living condition today, the first order of business should beplanning and strategizing about our Freedom, because all else become secondaryto a life being held in captivity, and only where there is a Free Mind, there is a HealthyBody Life Living.

If the issue of Reparation does not have enough respect coming from the Children Of Our Enslaved Ancestors, to cause all DivineThinking Minds to come together in secret to discuss with intention offormulating a plan that will qualify us to collect our Ancestors Reparation,and such Reparation is known to be for securing our Freedom away from Americaand to take us Back to Afrika as the coming next established State in Afrika,for purpose to assist in freeing Afrika and reuniting the Black Race Afrikanpeople, then History will continue to be the center piece that maintain controlover what you will not know to do in defense of the Black Race.

Black Woman and Man, you do predate History, so get about the action of reclaiming your Divine Mind, because only with your DivineMind will you be qualified to see clearly what it is we must do to save theBlack Race of a Nation gone to become under the power of Lucifer the HumanBeing.

History Having you to have been transformed to be Human as well, and you now associate being Human as a status given by the DivineEssence, when in fact it is Lucifer creation of self identity, in thedisorder to draw your attention from who and what you were before History cameto redefine the Black Race, which consisted before History, to be that of aDivine Beings Race, and not Human Beings.

Because, to be Human, is to be profane, which teach you that no Human Being has ever beenperfect and no Human Being should desire to be perfect, and stating, because byHistory, all Human Beings are shaped in iniquity and is born in Sin.

So, that is why in order to know Thyself, the Black Race must be Born Again into the Knowledge of Thy Divine Self, the Divine Selfthat predate the History that have most of the Black Race claiming to be HumanBeings.

We being unaware of our once Divine Being status in the Universe, they who came to this solar system as Divine Beings, knowing nothing about History orbeing Human.

Mentioning Reparation on the Internet is no more than show casing Reparation, when with Divine Intelligence, Reparation need to beDivinely Discussed in private, with the victims of Chattel Slavery.

Also, to concentrate on so call Healthy Eating with a Body being held in captivity, is only symbolism without substance, because whatgood is a vegetarian Eating body when that Body is a prisoner to History.

Eat well and healthy yes, but at the same Time fight for our EnslavedAncestors Reparation and if you do not, it will be an action that willserve only the vainty of self, in a state of body life captivity.

A Body that is not Free is a Disease Body, and the only cure for such a body is not about more of how and what you eat, than is about whatyou do to free your victimized body that is diseased in the prisoner of Historyconfinement.

Free the Mind and the Body will be kind to its Life, but a body that is not Free, is a body that carry a virus that only Freedom cancure.

Because a Healthy eating slave, is still a slave, until you do something to free both Body and Mind together.

Because it does not profit to free one and leave the other to remain a prisoner to History, which feed only Lies and acts ofdeception to the Black Body life.

If Freedom from Diaspora confinement is not the Goal of the Black Body Race, and if the destination is not Afrika, then all else that wedo is irrelevant to the Black Body Race Life.

So, all else we do, become just an illusion of what we lie about, pertaining the condition of our Body life, and the call forJustice is only that, a call that come not with action.

Freedom is not the desire to be experienced by many of us Black Hypocrites of a people, we who are now a slave to History, we not knowing a Damn thing about our DivineBlack Race Life.

Tell the Black Race that we predate History, therefore History is irrelevant to a Divine Black Race Body Mind, and the Black Racestares at you, with a Mind as a Blank Tablet????

So, what is important to the Black Race in getting to know Thyself?

Reclaim The Divine Mind That You Came Here To This Planet Earth With, Without It, the Black Race Become A Speck Of illusion in theMockery Of The Black Body Life.

We Having No Shame For The Way We Allow Our Black Body Life To Live Today.

The Black Race Now Is Satisfied In Striving For The Secondary Things To Want, those things That We Can Apply To Our Lives, and they have no meaning of freedom and justice for our Black Body Lives.

So, the secondary things are Not The Primary Thing That Out Lives Need, Which Is Freedom Above And Beyond All OtherThings.

Be Kind To Your Self Beloved



Chief Elder


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