“The Black Business Builders Club is really taking off with new members coming in every day from all ethnic groups. Yes, white people are joining, Asians and Hispanics are leading the charge. Time for some Black folks to wake up.”

Lee Green - President/Founder



“The Spanish players can't get in unless you invite them in so why cry, whine and complain?”

Black Business Club Member



Unlike black people the Spanish player don't wait for invites nor need invites. The most famous line ever written and used to signify the mindset of the Spanish players is: "Badges, we don't need no stinking badges"

Unlike the European players when the Spanish players arrive you automatically start living on borrowed time.

Black people don't realize what Europeans discovered the hard way during the Spanish/American war and that is like the Romans The Spanish players come from Empires.

The European players realized after the never-ending Spanish assaults that they were not merely facing Spanish players from Mexico. They were facing the Spanish Empire.

Unlike the European players Spanish players don't have black sympathizers and they never forget. Once the Spanish players zero in on you there is no escape and they don't take prisoners.

Long after the Spanish/American war has ended and to this very day The Spanish Players have disdain, dislike and contempt for African Americans because of what happened during the Spanish/American war.

During the Spanish/American war The United States sent the buffalo Soldiers down to ride shotgun over the Spanish players and the Spanish players could not comprehend nor respect how black people would oppress them on behalf of the white man when the white man was back home raping their black wives and murdering their black children.

To this very day the Spanish players view the white man as gringo's and to the black man as despicable cowards.

The Spanish players has rebuilt their Spanish Empire and have retaken the land stolen from them by the white man and the Spanish players still to this day have no love for black America.

Not everything is "cry, whine and complain" and we had better learn the difference because long after you and I are dead and gone your children and grandchildren will slave, labor and toll under the iron fist of the Spanish Empire.

If you don't take the time in your lifetime to reserve a place in the sun for those you leave behind by stop letting everyone in to take what you have then the slavery by the Spanish empire will make the enslavement we experienced under White America seem like a walk in the park.

Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak

President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes

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