The Global Gallery – Pre-Launch Opportunity

Promoting Positive Principles Through Art

An Excellent Investment - $45 for a $750 Return

From Diane Friday
Executive Sales Referrer

The Sculpture

First watch the video of the 'A Sporting Chance for Peace' sculpture. A Must See  by the International Award Winning Artist Donald Brown.

Who Is Donald Brown? – PDF

Giving Back

The official 33 x 23 inch, open edition print of the ‘A Sporting Chance for Peace’ sculpture, will be released worldwide.  Before they are released you may reserve one or more prints.  The prints will be $45 each.  After the prints are released you would automatically qualify to receive a financial return from the profits generated from the worldwide sales of the print.  The financial return would be $750 for each print you reserved.

Reserve Your Print/s

You are NOT required to pay for your print/s at this time.  We are now at the Pre-Launch stage and compiling the list of individuals who would like to reserve their print/s before this opportunity closes.  You may reserve now and secure your place as one of our financial beneficiaries.  

  1. Send an email to now.  
  2. Include your name and the amount of prints you would      like to reserve.
  3. If you refer people and they also reserve one or more      prints, please include their names.  You will receive a Referral      Bonus of $200 for each person you refer.  You can always send      additional emails with the names of new people you refer.  
  4. Wait for instructions on how to pay for your prints.
  5. Or go to  to Reserve/Prints (Pay)

Time Line

  1. Reservations for prints are being made now for a      limited time.
  2. When the opportunity to reserve the print closes, the      opportunity to receive a financial return will also end.
  3. Instructions will be sent to all who have reserved      their print/s regarding how to pay for their prints.
  4. An international press conference will take      place.  VIP Celebrity Guests and Dignitaries would be invited to      attend a world premier viewing and closing ceremony of the      sculpture.  Each guest will place a final 'Peace' of clay onto      the sculpture before it is cast into bronze.
  5. A major media announcement will be made regarding a      very special and historic global event for the sculpture that will      significantly increase the worldwide demand for the print.
  6. The official       website.
  7. The completed bronze sculpture would be professionally      photographed from which the official lithographic print of the sculpture      would be produced and released worldwide.
  8. The prints will be released and shipped to all who have      reserved and paid for their prints.
  9. Filming of the promotional commercials will begin.
  10. The initial global marketing campaign will begin
  11. Six (6) months after the marketing launch the first      payments will be paid out to all who reserved and paid for their prints.
  12. Payment will continue every six (6) months until      everyone is paid in full.

This is a Limited-time offer. Contact us at with any questions and comments.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!



Diane Friday
Executive Sales Referrer
(704) 865 2144

The Global Gallery


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