This is a question we must confront, given the most recent executions of Black men at the hands of American police in different states and cities across America, we cannot ignore the possibility that an implied agenda may be in the works. Let us briefly consider some facts that led to the cessation of physical bondage of Blacks by Whites.

1. The overt exploitation of the kidnapped and forcibly enslaved Afrikan grew too unmanageable to the enslavers, contributive to this is the successful rebellion of Ayiti against her enslaver nation, France.

2. the burgeoning uprisings of the enslaved Afrikan against the European enslaver on many enslavement prisons (plantations) by the likes of the Honorable Nat Turner.

3. England joining the push for abolition chiefly as a political tactic against France’s growing wealth attributive to the enslavement of the Afrikan. (

4. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation as a political move against the rebellious Southern States, these four areas combined would lead to the political decision by Whites to end the physical exploitation of Blacks.

At this time, America, unlike many Caribbean nation states is politically and militarily under the domination of the White invaders from Europe, who are confronted with a difficult problem: “What to do with all of these former enslaved Afrikans who have every right to turn on us and kill us all with righteous indignation.” I submit that many Whites live in fear of this very possibility because they know that if the shoe was on the other foot, they would do the same.

I further submit that America at both the federal and state level has been attempting to answer this question and appease the fears of Whites by implicitly and, in some cases perhaps, explicitly implementing the genocide or culling of Black people on these shores. I propose for consideration that the Federal Government was deliberately slow in responding to the lynchings and outright murder and intimidation of Blacks at the hands of extra and intra-judicial Whites especially during the Jim Crow, and civil rights era to allow for the eradication of as many Blacks as possible before finally responding with federal laws and physical protections. How many Emmett Tills were there that went unrecorded?

Execution of Blacks by police began on enslavement prisons (plantations) where bounty hunters and armed overseers had cart-blanche rights to shoot to kill any Black person for any reason. This atmosphere of outright murder was supported by the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 passed by the Congress of the United States. Today, if you visit the website you will see at least two such “slave catchers”/police (Edward Gorsuch and James Batchelder) who are being honored for their service to their country for hunting Blacks and or preventing the rescue of Blacks who refused to be forced into enslavement.

Mumia Abu Jamal was a radio host and writer who frequently exposed the agenda that the police in Philadelphia seemed to be following due to their frequent executions of Blacks, for this he was undoubtedly framed and falsely convicted of the murder of a police in 1982, he still sits in prison to this day, the Federal Government refuses to intervene in this blatant injustice, perhaps because there is an agenda at work. This is just one of many such cases in which the Federal Government may be complicit in the hunting, and confinement of Blacks where the reasons given are highly questionable. The case of Assata Shakur is also such a case. The question I am raising is ‘are American police following an implied agenda to kill Black men?

The most recent killing of Walter Scott in North Charleston, South Carolina, who was shot multiple times in the back while running away unarmed, by Officer Michael Thomas Slager; and the killing of Philip White mauled by a police K9 dog as he lay helpless and possibly unconscious on the ground after being kicked and punched by police, must give Blacks reason to seriously consider that we are being hunted and executed by police acting on an agenda.

It is an easy task for a corporate environment, where there is an hierarchical report structure, to influence the rank and file to follow an agenda without forwarding memos to that effect. I bear witness as a former employee of a major Corporation in which the sales-force, which counted in the thousands, was implicitly following an agenda to cram products unto customers’ bills who had not ordered the products, in an effort to offset the churn of that product, the sales-force crammed at least 4,000 orders per month for several years before the company was forced to halt the behavior, at which point the higher management was able to claim plausible deniability because there was no paper trail of evidence tying them to the knowledge and orientation of the illicit and illegal practice, the rank and file would then be on the hook and punished for not following written company policy. Since the overall agenda had not yet been fully achieved the company simply switched to another form of exploiting its customers to satisfy the ‘books’ and sustain share-holder confidence, which I also bear witness to. So I can say firsthand that agendas can be implicitly given to those who have the inclination to follow them.

Consider that we all know that there is a “blue code” among police officers all across this nation, this code invariably forbids or frowns on police officers ‘snitching’ on other police officers, that they must back up the badge, but I bet you dollars to donuts you will not find that written down anywhere, so how is it that practically all police officers observe this code? is it because it is an ‘implied’ code? I know it is so.

It doesn’t matter that we have a Black president, or Black mayors, governors, lawyers, doctors etc., what we must remember is that it has been determined that by the year 2050 there will be more Blacks in this country than Whites. What I ask of every Black person to consider is that the plan for population control is mainly targeted to the dominant gene people, Black people, it is we, who according to Whites “multiply like roaches.” We know that their population is experiencing zero-growth; look to the “Royal Commission on Population” by King George VI in 1944, who do you think they are looking to limit the growth of? Look to the “National Security Study Memorandum 200″ by then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, whose population do you think they are trying to limit? Consider that the HIV is a virus that is a manufactured weapon of population control, whose population?

So this is my question to you, Black America: Are American police following an implied agenda to kill Blacks? And if so, does it matter if we had a “kinder and gentler” police force? does it matter how many “sensitivity training” they undergo? Does it matter if there were “civilian review boards,” does it matter if the police lived right next door to you? We must consider that this agenda comes down to them from their command structure, and if we as Blacks cannot comprehend and admit that there has always existed a need to limit our population then we are in deeper trouble than even I care to admit.

I am of the conviction that American police are following an implicit agenda to target and kill Blacks before they are forced to stop. My solution to our problem is our demand for reparations and outright separation from under the rule and domination of Whites, it is the only way to ensure not just our survival but our right to live.

written by Rudwaan for The Lions Tale

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  • Thanks for your comments, Rudwaan and Oluwasola.  I agree. 

  • West

    Excellent commentary.  You summed up everything, perfectly. Thank you very much.

  • South

    great comments Zhana, we are in complete agreement on all points, I know the works of Douglas and others in the anti-slavery movement, this movement was being actively monitored by the slave-holding nations such as England, England chose to finally support this movement, not out of the kindness of its heart, but because France had begun to usurp England as the wealthiest nation due to its slave territories, England seized this opportunity and used it politically to dis-affect France. England would then pay reparations to the slave-holders for the loss of income from enslaving our Afrikan Ancestors, but did not give any assistance to the enslaved Afrikan who needed it more. England would then turn its attention towards colonialism.

  • Thank you so much for posting this.  This piece makes some excellent points. 

    I take issue with a couple of the points.  England, and Britain, developed an anti-slavery movement largely because of the anti-slavery activism of people such as Frederick Douglass, Olaudah Equiano, Sojourner Truth and Mary Prince.  Did you know that Douglass, Equiano and Prince all published books and toured Britain lecturing about their experiences of slavery?  For more about this, check out my blog: African People's Self-Liberation

    Because of the Haitian Revolution, all of the slave-owning states in the region, including Spain, France, Britain and the United States, were terrified that the same thing would happen in their own territories, i.e. enslaved African people would liberate themselves.  Click here for one of my blogs about the Haitian Revolution.  Some of my links have been taken down now, unfortunately, but I shall be re-publishing some of this material. 

    Finally, it is vital that we remember that this issue is not just about U.S. police.  The police are killing Black people internationally.  Click here for my blog about Deaths in Police Custody, which focuses on Britain.  There is a reason why everyone in my neighbourhood in South London knows who Trayvon Martin was. 

    Once again, thanks for sharing this. 

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