Archeological Wonderland of the World - Egypt.

Ancient as father time himself the archeological wonder country of the world Egypt lays in the northern part of the African continent.

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The land of pharaohs with its colossal pyramids, the great sphinx, ancient mosques, deserts, and the fertile Nile River is home to the greatest architectural monuments the world has ever seen.

Travel to this archeological wonderland of the world with Egypt Tourismand be mesmerized by the monuments that have stood their ground against the storm of time. With a rich history which takes up volumes of books and yet a little gets added everyday with the recent uncovering of archeological artifacts, this is a place to feast your eyes upon the great achievements in architecture acquired by man without the help of technology.

The land of great monuments offer so much to the ever wandering eyes that it is captivated wherever it rests. All that we can do is get lost in the moment and marvel at the wonders that lie scattered around in perfect co-ordination. With a number of Places to see in Egyptthe best ones are the resting grounds of the majestic pharaohs, mosques, burial grounds, diving in the Red sea, Tiran island, the Nile river valleys and so many more follow up on the list.

World renowned for the majestic pyramids, the Pyramids in Egyptare its main attractions. Some of the best known pyramids of Egypt are:-

Dashur- here the three smaller pyramids namely the red pyramid, the white pyramid and the black pyramid lay. These 3 pyramids symbolize the colours of the Egyptian flag. Take a tour inside the red pyramid and be awed by the architectural marvel of the ancients.

Step pyramid of Djoser- this pyramid being constructed during the 27th century B.C. is the centre of attraction at Saggara. This is considered to be a model for the rest of the pyramids that built in Egypt.

The great Sphinx- the great Sphinx is a towering figure of a mythical creature that has a lion’s body and a human head. The great sphinx of Egypt is the largest monolith statue of the world and has to be seen when in Egypt.

Also to awe upon in this great monumental country are its beautiful mosques and burial grounds such as:-

The Mohammed Ali mosque- this mosque built by Mohammed Ali Pasha during the years of 1854 and 1857 is a jewel of the Salah ad-Din citadel.

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Old city of Cairo- declared a world heritage site this place is known to be a Roman stronghold in the ancient times. The first mosque to be built in Egypt is located in this ancient part of Cairo.

Sea diving in the red sea is a great way to explore the under water beauties and to beat the heat too.

This land of monuments that have seen father Time grow by the centuries is a great experience to encounter. Visit Egypt and marvel at the ancient architectural wonders that still stand witness to the ever changing world.

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